To live better is important to know the performance of the human body and the problems related to it. Disorders and bone disease very frequent, particularly in patients with older age, are those related to bones and articulations. They recreate a central role supporting the torso and letting the apparent motions. We understand the major diseases that strike the bones and joints human.

The frame that holds the human body consists of 206 bones that are held together by 68 joints. This apparatus has three main functions: to support the body, protect internal organs and soft tissues of the consistency, allow the movement of muscles. The bones are composed of an organic core and an inorganic component.When the skeletal frame is affected by diseases of varying severity, motor skills and balance can be compromised and can also occur difficulty in grasping objects.

bone disease

Among the major diseases that can affect the bones and joints are osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Osteoarthritis is the degenerative alteration of a joint, characterized by lesions of the cartilage and adjacent bone, resulting in a functional limitation of the affected limb. This disease affects so negatively on the use of the limb as cartilage, Now leads to bones creak on each other, causing friction, which causes pain, trauma and damage to the ligaments. This problem affects the knees, the wrists and the neck area / lumbar especially in old age.

Osteoporosis is a decrease in bone mass with consequent alteration qualitative. This results in possible bone fracture due to the fragility of the structure. This depletion of bone occurs without symptoms present, only specific findings may lead to diagnosing the problem. The risk of this disease increases with increasing age. Osteoporosis is classified into primary and secondary. Primary is due to the drop in estrogen; secondary education is linked to various diseases and occurs in the course of endocrine diseases, chronic rheumatism. A good prevention and a healthy lifestyle and diet (with adequate calcium intake) can help recovery and prevent them from presenting certain diseases related to bone and joint discomfort.