Macrobiotics (“great life”) is a traditional principle of healthy nutrition. It secures the biological basis of internal and external balance.

Healthier diet is one of the many important projects. Changing eating habits can, in everyday life, however, prove to be no easy task. You have more comprehensive changes in lifestyle persevere. For this you need determination and willpower. In addition, a food diary helps effectively to eat more carefully. The study of experience of macrobiotics can support good intentions for nutritional awareness.

Nutrition is the basis of biological existence

In constant interaction to affect the body and psyche. A man eats unhealthy, so destabilized not only the body. It also brings his psyche off balance. Malnutrition disrupts the internal balance. According to research in nutritional medicine targeted dietary changes offer even with severe disease symptoms amazing chances of recovery. Macrobiotics meant literally great life. It is based on the universal principle of tension between opposites (yin and yang). Nothing is static, everything is in constant change. What and how you eat daily, influences the quality of the blood and the resulting cells or the daily cell renewal. Through a personalized, attentive and well-balanced diet can you get his health and find their own way for a long, healthy and happy life.


The origins and meaning of macrobiotics

Macrobiotic concepts rooted in existing for several millennia ideas, the philosophical and medical folk traditions of the Far East. Nutrition is one of the main pillars of human existence. They crucially affects health, enables internal and external peace. Macrobiotic living means to cultivate a mindful approach to nature and to make links with other people in his life. Macrobiotics is not just a collection of health-promoting recipes and food combinations. It is a harmonious and balanced way of life that combines insightful self-reflection with a customized diet. It is important to find a personal path independently of the vital healing and health maintenance. Macrobiotic by changes in lifestyle could be a person change in the most positive sense, health dissolve blockages, release new energies and realize themselves better.

The nutritional concept of macrobiotics

The practical implementation of the macrobiotic diet is closely related to the understanding of the interaction of yin and yang. Everything in life should be from the tension between two opposites. To find its vital balance it helps to recognize this interaction also in the effect of food. Food can have a cooling or warming, expansive or contractive be. Each design element has important functions for the body. A sweet taste of grains, vegetables and legumes strengthens stomach, spleen and pancreas. The bitterness in wild herbs and vegetables promotes heart and small intestine. Acidic foods (sauerkraut, pickles and miso), nourish the liver and gallbladder. The Salty in sea salt, soy sauce and miso promotes kidney and bladder. Lung and colon benefit from the sharp, as it is found in onions, leeks, ginger, radish and other spices. The force macrobiotic meals lies in the balance between these elements.

Focus macrobiotic lifestyle

On whole grains (spelled, oats, millet, rice and buckwheat) in a full, cooked form, regional vegetables according to the seasons, and legumes (beans and lentils) you put in the macrobiotic meals compilation of much importance. Also lactic acid fermented vegetables and sea vegetables has a high priority. Non-vegetarians use animal protein and dairy products sparingly and mostly in the form of fish. Furthermore, this diet salads, vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, sea salt and native fruit includes the food should be of good quality biologically. Ready meals, canned goods and products made from white flour men depart. Nightshades (potatoes, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes) are used due to their high content of alkaloids in small amounts. On tropical fruits, sugar, coffee, and alcohol was not made because they act in the body very extreme.

Macrobiotic meals

The main components of the meals cooked grain form, various vegetables and legumes. These complex carbohydrates allow the blood sugar level, and then slowly build up over a long period deconstruct. This keeps a constant feeling of satiety between meals and get you feel tired and still light. macrobiotic in Essen will continue vegetable protein from beans, lentils or tofu as a major energy source for the muscles. Vegetables are washed thoroughly and brushed rather than peeled to vitamins to get full. It prepares to land with little water or oil, rather steamed or boiled briefly. Raw vegetables and sour complement the meal. Minerals from sea salt and sea vegetables keep the acids and bases of the body in balance. Fermented foods (for example, miso), containing lactic acid bacteria are used daily.

In addition to the balanced amounts of food items having the manner of the preparation of particular importance. Raw foods cooling effect. The various cooking techniques of heating will be adapted to each existing needs. Importance of the harmony of the thermic effect of a meal with the individual’s daily needs of the body. Alone teach the macrobiotic way of life seems to be not an easy request. Macrobiotic cooking styles in the community – for example, in seminars – to know is certainly helpful for interested beginners. It is also available macrobiotic recipe collections to find suitable food for personal consumption.