What it is and how it arises lumbago. Keys to ease their pain at home with exercises, postures and home remedies.

The area corresponding to the lumbar vertebrae of the spine is known as lower back or waist. It is a fairly mobile segment, such as the neck, unlike the dorsal ribs that having is quite limited in their mobility. Also large area of ​​strength requirements, articulating the trunk with the legs and being the “break” in the sitting position.

Causes of back pain

While there are many sources of pain, the main causes are trauma and visceral.

* The trauma is by altering the vertebrae, joints or muscles.
* Quite common are herniated discs, where part of the material in the inter vertebral discs (which are between one vertebra and over) is extruded outside the compressing the spinal cord or nerve roots and giving some as symptoms one or Luxembourgian sciatica. After twenty discs start to dehydrate favoring his injury.
* Requirements also postural muscles and deplete contractual joints causing pain.
* Visceral. Some genital renal or refer your pain there.
* It is quite common for women to feel discomfort in the waist before and during your period, for example. And as the kidneys are housed one each side of the lumbar spine, alteration generates also lumbago.


Prevention and relief of back pain

* First of all the rest. The ideal position is lying on his back but bending a little leg. For that you can put a pillow under your knees. With that position is achieved either column support on preventing bed to form the lumbar curve.
* You can choose between the cold or heat . Some people feel stiff, especially in the morning, then it is advisable to apply heat with a heating pad or a bag of sand. In other cases the symptom is more like a burning, then it is advisable to apply ice or a cold pack . And other times, however, serves sandwiched between the cold and heat. It’s not an exact science, everyone should try making it better.
* The massage soft generate a momentary relief, especially if the pain was caused by muscle spasm. However, you need to change lifestyle to prevent recurrence.
* Keep the spine flexible and stretched is very useful. Activities such as stretching , yoga or any type of stretching used for that purpose.
* Any physical activity that keeps the doctor does not contraindicate the irrigation of all tissues, keeping the column younger longer. For example, the aqua gym , dancing or simply walking every day.
* Drinking plenty of water daily. Large percentage of water disc is therefore not facilitate dehydration.
* Avoid poor posture and weight requirements by far. For example, if you have to lift something heavy, bend your right leg keeping the trunk for all the tension is distributed between the legs and spine (avoiding bending forward with a straight back). And never lift something that can be pushed.
* Avoid prolonged sitting in one position. You can choose to lean to one side to the other to distribute the weight.
* For that, there are exercises specific to the column that will help relieve the symptoms.
* For pain relief combining pharmacological remedies of traditional medicine, and complementary therapies such as Reiko, reflexology or acupuncture. An increasing number of choices and many are actually effective.