Physical changes during pregnancy can cause recurrent back pain. What to do to prevent and alleviate them.

Pregnancy is a wonderful stage of discovery and wonder about the body and being growing inside him. However, not everything is rosy. Among the possible conditions that may be suffered in this period we find the back pain. While it is very difficult to prevent, you can do some things for the pain subsides quickly.


Why pregnant women experience back pain?

Some possible explanations are:

¤ Baby’s growth generates an adjustment of the position, bringing forward the center of gravity (Usually located in front of the second sacral vertebra), so that the mother should lean back for balance and that creates tension in the muscles on both sides of the lumbar spine.
¤ During pregnancy there is an increase of hormone relaxinSecreted by the ovary and placenta. While still under investigation, is believed to cause all the joints become more lax (and with it, the more unstable) and that destabilizes especially areas of high stress, such as the lumbar spine and pelvis. Keep in mind that low body weight and the spine through the pelvis (innominate bones) that reaches both hips.

How to prevent back pain

¤ Avoid standing too long in one position, either sitting or standing.
¤ Do not lift too much weight, and, if necessary, bending the knees do not just the spine. Carry the weight of the body as close as possible.
¤ Do not use too much taco or a footwear unstable. Sometimes though the heel height does not exceed 4 cm, it is too finite and that creates feelings of insecurity when walking. It is always preferable that are wide and thick.
¤ Keep the spine flexible. You can perform yoga, streching or simple intuitive movements to loosen joints.
¤ Gymnastics for pregnant is very useful.
* Avoid excessive weight gain. Both the hike up, and the lower, the column takes to adapt and that can worsen the picture.
¤ To avoid pain, it is necessary that the vertebrae are stable together. A physiotherapist can teach you specific exercises column stability.

How to relieve back pain

¤ Apply heat. It may be through a heating pad or hot water bottle.
¤ Rest a few minutes each day with lower back flat on the bed. This is accomplished by raising the legs on a stool or a cushion.
¤ Pregnant women are against the impossibility of medication as they would at any other time. If it deems necessary, consult with your obstetrician about taking pain medications.
¤ You may find it necessary Kinesiology. As there are many devices can not use physiotherapy, the physiotherapist should make use of stretching techniques and massage therapy manuals to help you feel better.
¤ The gentle massage with relaxing and relieving long. Ask your partner to mime sustained and delicate movements. You regulate the pressure that pleases him.
¤ Some items in the Reflexology that reflect the column can be stimulated to seek relief.
¤ Aromatherapy can also be useful. There are a variety of home remedies for pregnant women allowed.

Regardless of the path chosen, low back pain are processes that take their cycle, so that you can make them last or hurt less, but it will take a few days until you feel complete relief. Try not required on those days, nothing is so serious and so urgent that you can not relax and take your time. Rest as much as possible and ask for the cooperation of those who accompany them.