Louise Hay provides a valuable tool in the form of manual work that will help, applying their techniques to create the life you really want.

Louise L. There is metaphysical counselor, lecturer, and author of many books among which is the following: “Love yourself: change your life.” It brings his years of experience as a therapist and tackles many everyday issues, while giving the keys to the reader to work performing their own process of self healing . Health, self-esteem, addictions, money or prosperity are some of the areas in which there deepens along its pages.

The basic techniques of Louise Hay

The book provides numerous exercises in order to learn to love more and more. Throughout the entire book will provide positive statements-statements-for a specific area of life and contribute, with continued use, to achieve the desired result. “I am full of energy and enthusiasm” or “I give myself permission to feel good all the time” are examples of statements that the reader can find and start using if you want to get is a good health status .

Along with the statements, and to make them more effective, another practice that the manual recommends is the mirror work. Why? Because in the words of Louise Hay: “The mirror reflects the feelings we have for ourselves. clearly shows us what things we need to change if we want to have a life full of joy and satisfaction.” we can create a life that by visualizing , another tool-and final-which provides basic technical manual. Visualizing use imagination to achieve any result you want, before it happens in reality.


The importance of addressing the inner child

We all carry within us a little that is in our care. And we also, no matter what has happened or how it was our childhood, a childhood create us new and wonderful. This volume includes among its original paragraphs and effective exercises created to resume the relationship with our inner child . The goal is nothing more than deepen the main message you hope to convey the book, as is to love yourself.

“Many of us have inside a lost child who feels lonely and rejected tremendously. We can not reject a part of ourselves and maintain our inner harmony,” says the author. The process entails the responsibility to heal back together all our facets to achieve fullness. In every resides a power, able to change old limiting beliefs. “Love yourself” provides guidelines to facilitate the implementation of your healing ability.

The power points

A section of the manual, and at the end of all chapters, refers to the so-called power points. Summary broadly, the philosophy of Louise Hay and helps serve as they are performing the exercises:

1. Each of us is responsible for their experiences.
2. Everything we think is creating our future.
3. We all struggle with harmful patterns of resentment, criticism, blame and hate ourselves.
4. These are just thoughts, and thoughts can be changed.
5. We need to free ourselves from the past and forgive everyone, including ourselves.
6. Approved and accept yourself in the “now” is the key to positive change.
7. The point of power is always in the present moment.

There are recommended while making paper lists several of these points, print them, or store them in order to soak in our consciousness. The techniques in the manual give new information about oneself providing new options, in addition to useful complement Louise shares the tips weekly in your blog .With reading, practical and entertaining, of “Love yourself, change your life” will have access to the wisdom of this great writer who has contributed so much to heal millions of people around the world. Serving up a pen, a notebook, a hand mirror, and a little dedication will achieve changes in your life that you would never have imagined getting.