If you want to reduce your weight permanently, and this weight loss then also want to keep, it is not enough to make a crash diet. These long-term harm to your body and you get more time on the opposite effect.

If you follow a few basic principles and make them your new diet plan, you will see that you will lose weight without strict dieting. Do not be under pressure, but take the right to remove a maximum of 1 kg per week – after all, it has indeed taken its time in order to eat the little Überlebenspölsterchen. Try also to remove from your mind the word diet. See for yourself the fact that you realize your concept of fun and nutrition to your body to do something good. So what are the key principles that will help you to reduce your weight permanently?


Avoid sugar

Try to delete sugar and artificial sweeteners from your daily Ernährunsplan completely. Get off if you need sweetener at all natural products such as maple syrup or agave nectar to. You will see that the body adapts after a certain time to changing eating habits and has a reduced need for freshwater.
Watch out for hidden sugars such as in fruit juices, compotes or jams. Buy only those products that are for example, apple juice, sweetened or not.

Avoid fat

This decreases the body, a woman should be a day not more than 30g fat eat. Watch your fat intake – especially on hidden fat. Avoid fried foods and use specially coated frying pans, requiring only a teaspoon of oil. Use only for your salad dressing 1 teaspoon of oil and extend it with yogurt or cold, fat-reduced vegetable stock.

Avoid white flour products

Be sure to take no or few products to contain white flour. Ask your baker for bread, which no white flour is added (the most whole grain breads have one that is not to be despised white flour content in them). Replace white flour with rye flour . you will see how good a taste of rye flour pancake.

Avoid flavor enhancers
Be careful not to use a flavor enhancer. Customise your own spice blends instead of using ready.

Avoid bananas, pears and grapes
All other fruits you can eat regularly and sufficiently.

Make a day of fasting once a week
Insert a week once a rice-and fruit-tag. This helps to detoxify. Cooking up in the morning to a large bowl of rice and eat them for breakfast with fruit, for lunch and dinner in a soup with herbs.

Eat potatoes
Contrary to a long-barreled think potatoes are not fattening but real slimming products – they saturate quickly, have a high vitamin content and help the body in detoxification.