Weight may be detached permanently. Who are predominantly takes his favorite dishes to be had, yet so fun and feels good.

Who rapidly decreases excess pounds, usually in just as quickly. On the ribs The yo-yo effect would approve. But you can eliminate all the extra pounds easily and permanently. And along the way, without any diet plans, calorie counting and without all the products that are offered for weight loss. And especially without any frustration. All you need to stop eating foods you do not like. And you will not miss anything really. How are you reading this. All you need is a pen and a sheet of paper in order to make some important notes.

Lose weight with favorite dishes

First, you simply write on everything you eat. Your favorite salad and the vegetables that you like best on the plate. Leave enough spaces to always wanted to add something to what you remember later. How to proceed further with the fruit. It does not matter if you love cherries, and there are no fresh. Write cherries still on! Just everything you like to eat. Now all the other dishes have their turn as meat and side dishes, soups and casseroles, everything. You will be surprised how many foods come together as on your list! Leave out what they do not really like to eat. If you love tomatoes, you have no cucumbers take only because you want to lose weight.


Patience will help you lose weight

And then we can start! Indulge in all your favorite foods just in their preparation, you change a few things. Save for example, a little grease. And if possible sugar. So you do not switch to artificial sweetener. If you take only half of sugar or honey, your dessert still tastes sweet. If you have for example been nibbled daily 1 chocolate bar, try to gradually come to half a bar. Only patience, cherished habits can not change over night. Ribs way that works too. And be sure you have no more yo-yo effect. So you can proceed with other “sins”. Do everything back to a healthy level. Your body will thank you.

Creativity in the preparation helps weight loss

Go creative ago when preparing your meals. You need to weigh nothing and do not count calories. Weight loss fat consumption should be slightly reduced. Healthy vegetable oils are recommended instead of animal fat such as lard or butter. Is pleased about your body, you will feel good. Example, if you love fried fries, you could often times prefer oven fries.

You can stretch a little mayonnaise with sour cream. Many delicious meat dishes can be in the oven, cooked in foil and grill in clay pot with less fat. When dressing for your favorite salad, take time new herbs. And try again to save a bit of fat, but without switching to Light products. If you have been deleted in addition to the Salamis butter, let the butter away just now. Plenty of vegetables and fruits do the body good. If you succeed, including a little more to bring to the plate, you have achieved a lot!

Movement supports the removal

If you add a little more movement into your daily routine, losing weight is easier and you will feel even better. With more exercise, you can start very small. Just pop in short, short walks. This exercise in the fresh air you can extend your mood a little, or not. Where possible, do one or another errand on foot or by bicycle. Stairs go up. It’s too tiring? Then start with only one landing. Regularly incorporate smaller movements brings to life more than if you go once a week in a club for gymnastics. If you have back or hip problems, you should also do special exercises, recommended by the doctor. All you need to do not only once.

A few tips help you persevere

It’s best to keep your plans once for themselves. Because not all contemporaries help slimmers, rather the reverse. Enjoy every meal and listen to your stomach. If you’re tired, tell your family: My empty plate I eat later. So you can enjoy the good food on the same day again overload the body but not too big portions. Does it not even one day go as planned, then do not be evil. Just keep going the next day. If you feel a craving for a piece of cake, then enjoy it instead of a main meal. Meet more movement and the small changes in the preparation of your favorite foods, so that soon the success on the scale can be reaped. And permanently. Even in small steps to accomplish your goal.