If you want to quickly get rid of that layer of fat around your belly, you have to commit to exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet. Using countless crunches are not going to get rid of the fat from your stomach, and unless you’re willing to submit to liposuction, fat reduction at this point is not possible. To lose stomach fat, focus on losing fat around the body. If you would like to reduce overweight you could choose diet supplements like this one.


Lose Weight Naturally


1.) Distribute your meals five to six small meals during the day so that your metabolism is forced to stay active and not slow down. Eat a small portion every two or three hours. Includes lean proteins like chicken and fish in your diet. Get carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables, and consume healthy fats such as olive oil and raw nuts.

2.) Avoid drastically cut calories and survival mode where your body as it detects hunger starts to retain fat. Most of the health specialist  recommends that a maximum of 2 lbs lost. (0.9 kg) per week by reducing your caloric intake by 1,000 calories per day.

3.) It incorporates high intensity intervals to your cardio to burn more calories than you would with regular cardiovascular exercise. Alterna several minutes of low intensity cardio with a few minutes of high intensity cardio. Fill up to 45 minutes of interval training per day, three days a week.

4.) Add strength training to increase muscle tissue because the muscles activate your metabolism throughout the day, even when you’re at rest. Focus on training all the muscles of the body in three non-consecutive days a week. Use your own body weight, machines or free weights for resistance.

5.) Tones muscles while you reduce your stomach fat once the fat has been reduced, toned muscles appear. Perform leg raises and reverse crunches for lower abs. Includes crunches for upper, abdominal crunches elbow to knee obliques. Practice proper form while doing abdominal exercises.

6.) Avoid stress getting the better of you and adding pounds to your trunk. Practice meditation or take regular breaks to breathe deeply and relax. High levels of stress increase the release of cortisol, a stress hormone associated with the accumulation of fat around the waist.

7.) Drinking green tea throughout the day to boost your metabolism. Drink up to five cups of green tea per day increases the amount of daily calories you burn.

8.) Reduce the amount of sodium you consume, because excess sodium causes your body to retain water and swell.