The care of your physical appearance is definitely something very important. Many are the ways in which we can take care of ourselves and of our people, ranging for example from the practice of physical activity and sports up to the use of cosmetic products such as creams, perfumes and deodorants. However, to stay healthy and not getting sick is important to follow a healthy and balanced diet, preferring natural products as much as possible. In fact, this guide we will see how to lose weight by eating healthy.

First, it is of fundamental importance to understand that eating healthy does not mean eating foods tasty little thing, even healthy foods can be made ​​tasty dishes, such as the delicious steaks, chicken embers with vegetables, cod with potatoes, brown rice with tomatoes. It is important, as with any diet, establish our personal daily calorie needs, to do this you can use special programs provided by some websites, in which we insert our data such as hours of sleep, our working hours, the activities that we practice. To find sites that provide this program just search Google for “Calculate daily caloric needs.”


Once we have achieved that, we can start our diet consists of healthy foods. It is important not only to weigh the various foods to determine the calories, but also use a guide or a website which lists the calories of various foods, so we will always know the calories you’re taking. It is very important to consume foods such as fruits and vegetables, which not only contain fiber, but they are very rich in water, for example, if we eat a piece of fruit before lunch or dinner, our sense of appetite is reduced. Drinking water is essential to a good, in fact the water has properties that facilitate the digestive process, the water can also have real effects of diuretics.

Favour consumption of protein foods than those that contain lots of carbohydrates like bread, in fact our body consumes more calories to metabolize protein compared to carbohydrates. Prefer to use whole wheat flour, which contains more nutrients than the 00 flour. In the market to choose low-calorie cheeses, such as cottage cheese that turns out to be for those who like a very tasty cheese. Use for foods the cooking steamed or grilled, which prevents them cook immersed in a cooking fat. If in the morning we used to eat high-calorie desserts, we can eat alternatively a rusk with a little ‘honey and drink a cup of milk or for those who like green tea.