Do you want to lose weight in a natural way? Often the extra pounds are due to the accumulation of fluids and toxins that make us feel bloated and heavy. To eliminate such excesses by our body we are in the help menu rich in water purifying the body and slim silhouette in a short time. Read this guide to find out how to lose weight by drinking.

If you are recovering from a stressful period or the binge of the holidays you probably need to detoxify your body . When the scale marks a weight gain is not always just about fat more. Often it is water retention due to irregular meals or processed foods that strain the work of the liver and kidney, intoxicating the body with toxins difficult to dispose of and that slow your metabolism . The excess fluids, waste loads, they accumulate in the tissues by edema of stomach, hips and legs. Even without peartrees you find that you have a bigger size for skirts and pants shake in life.


The best method for disposing of liquids is to assume many! In fact, in this way promotes the water exchange of the organism. Water is the beverage most suitable for the purpose and by now everyone knows that you should drink about 2 liters a day of this drink to stay healthy. This is true even more so when you need to lose weight because the water speeds up your metabolism and keeps the major organs efficient purification. Of course you can not live on water alone. Fortunately, there are many foods that contain a lot of and that are rich in important nutrients. Vegetable puree and blended fruit to ensure your body fiber, vitamins and minerals. Milk also provides you with the proteins essential. In addition, to increase the power draining of the water you can rely on herbal cleansing and diuretic.

To dispose of a few pounds can quickly follow, therefore, a semi-liquid diet. Reduce complex carbohydrates (bread, pasta and rice) but not those simple fruit that will guarantee energy. Take the proteins from milk, white meat and lean fish and abounds with raw vegetables and cooked. Take fruits and vegetables especially in liquid form (smoothies, past and centrifuged). This type of diet has an action shock and should therefore be limited in time. You can choose to follow, for example, for 4 days and then repeat it at a distance of one month. Alternatively, you can follow a couple of days a week to effectively cleanse your body.