Coming back from addiction isn’t an instant, easy step to take. If you’re considering getting off your drug of choice, it’s useful to prepare yourself mentally for what you may be getting yourself into before you jump in head-first. Sobriety is an admirable goal that can help you lead the life you want, but there are a few things you should know. To help you get through withdrawals and recovery, keep a realistic picture of what’s waiting on the other side.

Remembering Happiness and Stability

When you’re addicted to any substance, it can feel like there’s no other way to be happy outside of using. The strong rush, the sense of euphoria, and the high are hard to compare to anything else that happens in between those moments. But, when you get clean you’ll start to remember that other things in life can also contribute to your happiness. This is one of the most commonly listed benefits that many former addicts talk about.

Stability ties into your happiness, since you can get more consistency in your emotions from day to day. Instead of being absolutely miserable between doses, you can live a more stable life that doesn’t hit emotional highs and lows every day. Find new ways to be happy in your life, and keep your mental state more stable between your happiest moments.


Peace of Mind

A mind clouded by addiction can have a lot of trouble getting calm. Many adducts suffer from crippling anxiety, depression, and paranoia, even when they’re not actively using. Some drugs will take a permanent toll on your cognitive abilities and may damage some parts of your brain, but after years of sobriety it is possible for partial healing to take place.

Whatever healing occurs, it cannot be compared to the wonderful feeling of being able to be at peace. Instead of having to deal with so much going on in your head all the time, you’ll be able to calm yourself and live a more peaceful life.

Building Self-Worth

Drug or alcohol use is sometimes triggered by low self-esteem, but there’s no questioning that the longer an addiction is present, the worse your self-esteem will become. In the beginning, you may have felt fantastic during each high, as if you were invincible. But, over time, that has undoubtedly faded to leave you feeling horrible about yourself and your life more often than not. After you get clean, you’ll be able to build your self-esteem up again through making accomplishments that will improve your life.

Difficultly Coping

As much as there are benefits, there are also some negatives that you need to recognize before thinking everything is going to be rosy after rehab. A lot of addicts use substances as a way to block out something negative about life. Things don’t get easier to handle just because you’re clean. You’ll have to work hard to learn how to cope with life events and realities after you’re sober.

It can be very hard to return back to life without the substance you used to turn to in difficult times. But, for the sake of what you can accomplish in the future as a sober individual, it’s worth learning how to handle bad things by your own strength and through the help of those around you instead.


Addiction is difficult, and recovery is long. But, there is a world waiting for you on the other side. It comes with its own ups and downs. However, the truth is you’ll have the freedom to do more than you ever could as an addict if you’re willing to go through the path to recovery.