The yellow vitamin bombs strengthen the immune system, are good for digestion, antioxidant effect and base-forming.

The yellow citrus fruit with a sour taste came in the 13th Century Europe and the Middle Ages have survived with lemon recipes. The effect of lemons against scurvy, the dangerous vitamin C deficiency disease, but was not discovered until much later. Today we know that lemon is a true all-rounder in terms of health. Besides vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals also contain lemon essential oils, various flavonoids, pectin and citric acid.

Daily lemon for health

The healing effect of lemon is mainly due to their high content of vitamin C. This vitamin can strengthen the immune system and prevent infectious diseases or alleviate. Can effectively prevent colds by drinking a hot lemon daily. If the drink or sweetened with honey, it also uses the antibiotic and anti-inflammatory effects of honey.

So sour lemon tastes, citrus fruits are among the basic foods that help balance the acid-base balance in the body. By the acid buffering capacity lemon juice therefore has a soothing effect on heartburn. The pectin contained mainly in the pulp, has a tonic effect on the pancreas. A glass of lemon juice in the morning on an empty stomach, stimulates digestion. In combination with coffee lemon can act against headaches. While the lemon inhibits the body’s own pain relief, the caffeine dilates the blood vessels in the brain. The acid in the lemon kills germs. Bleeding wounds can be disinfected with lemon juice if necessary. The lemon juice also has a hemostatic effect.


Pickles can be fun

Also on the psyche have lemons positive impact. You have a relaxing and invigorating at the same time, even if that seems contradictory. Here it is primarily the essential oils that brighten the mood. The fresh scent of lemon counteracts a Japanese study, impaired concentration and performance is encouraged. On the other hand, the lemon oil also relieves due to the anticonvulsant effect and may help in falling asleep.

Beautifully with lemon

The ingredients of lemon, one can use in beauty care. Lemon oil is stimulating, cleaning and toning the skin and is especially recommended for oily or blemished skin. In massage oils, lemon oil against cellulite and muscle relaxing effect. For a similar effect lemon juice can also enforce the bath water. Hair and fingernails are brightened with lemon juice and brittle nails are also strengthened. The skin is soft and smooth by rubbing with diluted lemon juice. Highly diluted lemon juice can be used as a facial toner that acts similar to a fruit acid peel.