Whether after a caesarean section or a natural birth, the mother brand should revert to power itself.

Few events are as momentous for the life of a woman giving birth to her baby. But after taking the baby home and adjust to the new life, the mother will, slowly, to not only regaining her figure, but also their hobbies and activities.

Get back to being the same after giving birth

* Although it is difficult, she should remember that besides mom is wife, employee, professional, friend. Back to incorporate all these roles will help you perform better as a mom, extending their daily activities and avoiding the occurrence of postpartum depression.
* Relax, and enjoy. The chores can wait, nothing is as bad as one thinks.
* It is very useful to maintain friendships , both with other moms as with those that do not have children. But not always have to come together in your home: you can go with your child to visit them in their homes.
* Put the baby in the care of someone you trust, at least once a week, and leaving home: it may be going to the hairdresser, a drink with friends or buy clothes.
* Avoid the routine . While we must take care of the newborn, no one says you should always be the same and in the same place.
* Learning to manage time is critical.


Keys to retrieve the body

* If you’ve been doing physical activity before birth, it is important that the draw back much earlier. Not only do you good physically, but help out from your role as mom. You can do swimming, yoga or brisk walking . And, if you’re not very active, start slowly. You can go for a walk with your baby 30 minutes each day.
* The skin is also affected by hormonal changes, so it is important to follow wetting and caring properly.
* Use special creams to counter stretch marks that could be a left in abdomen and legs.
* Try your weight back as soon as possible. The more time passes after delivery, the harder it will get rid of those extra kilos. It is incredible that after a birth are impossible to lose kilos.
* Being a mother does not mean stop being a woman and seduce . You can wear cute clothes, new accessories, brand new haircut.

When to seek help

If you feel anxious, too tired, or do not feel like leaving your house despite having spent more than a month after giving birth, you should seek help. Perhaps not postpartum depression , but may be the start of it. Talk to your family and friends, maybe they can help lift your mood or, if necessary, go to a professional. The important thing in these cases is not left alone and to keep the feelings.