The hips and knees are essential parts of your skeleton as they help to keep the hips and knees strong. So when you get injured you may find it difficult to move and walk. One way to help either when they are healthy as when they are injured, it is strengthening the muscles and joints that surround them and keeping them in shape. Here you have some appropriate exercises to perform that task.

Why is it important to keep the hips and knees strong

Sometimes it is incomprehensible how a small domestic accident that may even seem silly may cause such great injuries. A Carlos handed something and her experience very clearly: I was playing ball with my nephews and I do not know how it happened, I made a wrong move and I turned with my body but my foot stayed as close to the ground, then he twisted my leg and then I realized that I had injured my knee. 

While there are unforeseeable and unavoidable issues such as these accidents, there are also ways to keep bones and muscles strong. To do this, the key is to exercise. Exercise is not only a healthy habit but can also help in a number of treatments that maybe you should do for your knees and your hips as the strength of the muscles that surround you help support joints helps alleviate stress and effort should bear bones.

For example, your hips have to bear less weight if your quadriceps (the muscles that are just above the knee), buttocks , ligaments and your abdominal muscles are strengthened. And if the quadriceps are strong, also they can absorb the stress that would menisci or cartilage of the knee (which is what Carlos was injured while playing with his nephews).

If you are injured knees, the first muscles to lose strength are precisely the quadriceps and buttocks. Therefore, an exercise plan before any damage that may happen to you should focus on them. Note that muscles work in pairs: one contracts while the other relaxes and vice versa. For example, if you’re sitting in a chair and stretch the knee, the front muscles contract while the rear are stretched. Therefore it is important to exercise to keep the hips and knees strongboth muscles so that both remain flexible and strong, and none is stressed.

Currently, there are two types of exercises that are often recommended by specialists to the recovery from injury. Some are called closed chain closed chain and the other open chain open chain. Chain movements refer to a series of exercises, which are working in different parts of the body, such as hips, knees, ankles and feet. In so-called open-chain exercises, the body remains still while the legs move. This is the case for example lifts your legs while sitting.

By contrast, closed chain exercises are those in which the limbs are at rest while the body moves. This is what happens, for example, when you squat. Therefore, if you are injured or have a chronic joint disease, such as arthritis , it is important that consulting with your doctor about what kind of exercises should you do to keep your muscles strengthened, to relieve pain and to help to keep the hips and knees strong. Possibly, you must perform a routine with the advice of a therapist, but often the results can be very positive, so it is worth a try.

Sometimes pain or injury may make you think that exercise is not for you. However, an alternative can help. When Marta broke, her hip and put prosthesis thought that recovery would be long and costly. However, his doctor recommended exercise in the water. Fortunately, he was encouraged and the results were noticeable.

Exercising in water has several benefits. Among them:

It reduces stress and exerts force on the joints because the water supports your weight. Gravity is eliminated. It allows you to test whether you can perform certain exercises, before trying them out of the water. It allows you to increase the resistance to keep the hips and knees strong without making much effort or pain in the joints.