Keep your body in good health means first of all to lead a life as possible healthy and balanced lifestyle correctly brings benefits to the whole body, facilitating the functions of the various organs and preventing disease states. In particular, the liver healthy, the largest gland in which we possess, plays a very important role in regulating the metabolism and promoting the detoxification of our body. Let’s see how to take care of this organ essential.

The principles of a healthy diet, combined with regular physical activity are, as we all know, the main rule to ensure a life of health, and this undoubtedly facilitates also the great work of the liver, which, if unable to perform its functions brings repercussions throughout the body. The substances that can impair liver function are mainly alcohol and some drugs (often used excessively), specifically, antibiotic drugs, antidepressants and antipathetic properties are those that most frequently cause damage to the liver. Take this medication with caution, and always under medical supervision, and to prevent the abuse of alcohol, represents the most correct to prevent dysfunctions of the Board.


Even food additives (chemicals used in the food industry to retain the character of the food or confer certain quality narcoleptic) are downloaded to the liver and, over time, alter the efficiency. So let’s preference, in our daily diet, such foods as natural as possible and without preservatives or colorings, if we know that he exaggerated then try to detoxify (we will see later how) to prevent harmful substances from accumulating in our body, it will benefit digestion and metabolism whole.

For a good detoxifying we can make use of some herbal preparations: dandelion, dandelion is also called, has excellent properties detoxifying. We can eat it raw, if harvested in early spring in areas not contaminated by pollution, for example, in salads, or cooked as a vegetable side dish,(2 cups per day). also artichoke and milk thistle can boast of quality cleansing, we can assume them to infuse in the amount of 2/3 cups a day. These preparations may also be taken to make a good drug treatment, especially during seasonal changes.