The bones and joints form our skeleton which aims to sustain and protect the soft tissues of our body. The joints have the function to cause the movement and are composed by the ligaments, the cartilage, the menisci, from membranes and articular much more. Disorders that affect the musculature system are most commonly called rheumatism or joint pain. Among the diseases of rheumatic origin are osteoarthritis, arthritis and muscle pain. To work with joint pain is possible to use natural remedies.

Arthritis is an inflammatory disease, usually transient, but it can also become chronic. It is characterized by severe pain, dilation, redness, and swelling in the affected part of the disorder. Osteoarthritis is instead infirmity chronic degenerative disease that causes erosion of both cartilage that of bone tissue. The muscle pain, including cramps are involuntary contractions of the muscle tissue that cause dense intense and often long-lasting.


The spasms are very common and often joint force us to use painkillers and anti-inflammatory that, in the long run, they can create devastating side effects also. To circumvent this problem, you can resort to some medicinal plants. Follow even small rules to avoid worsening of pain, or keep an eye on your weight, physical activity practice with perseverance and follow a balanced diet consisting of foods rich in vitamin C, D, E, B, and minerals such as, preferably, calcium and selenium.

I suggest the devil’s claw, whose botanical name is Harpagophytum procumberns, to solve these problems The secondary roots of this plant are efficient thanks to its active substances that have anti-inflammatory and analgesic are in able to reduce the swelling and evil to load both of the bones that the muscles. If you need to avail yourself of a painkiller, you should replace it with a herbal tea prepared with a mixture consisting of 50 g of secondary roots of devil’s claw , 40 grams of top of spirea ulmaria and 40 grams of ash leaves. After mixing the mixture, pour a cup of very hot water on a spoon of these herbs. Cover the pan and leave to infuse for fifteen minutes. Bevin Cola and two cups, one in the morning before breakfast, and a second at least one hour before dinner.

Before using these natural remedies you always ask your doctor or health care professional, pharmacist or herbalist. Do it in particular, if you are taking certain medicines such as blood thinners, antidepressants, steroids, or if you suffer from major diseases.