Improve in colorblind lenses dichromatic perception of red and green. The fact adds to advance the development of genetic cure the defect.

The colorblind have a new option to improve their quality of life, at least those who Sufen dichromatic color blindness. Scientists announced the invention of glasses that correct for this form of the condition. The announcement adds to the recent confirmation of the progress of a clinical trial, as proclaimed in its early stages in 2009, about the cure of blindness with gene therapy, which has been very successful in apes.

What is color blindness

Color blindness is a birth defect of sight, by which I do not perceive Sufen certain colors – especially red and green or confuse them with others. It is named in honor of the suffering English chemist, John Dalton. This condition accounts for countless ailments colorblind when activities, since most have something to do with the distinction of color, especially those having to do with food differentiate or drive a car, exceptional situations are seen by others.


Eyeglasses to correct color blindness

Now, scientists have claimed to have invented eyeglasses that correct dichromatic color blindness, a form of blindness that is suffered by 10% of men with blindness and affects some women too. The design of the glasses was conducted by Dr. Mark Changizi, a neurologist who had originally conceived for use in the detection of bruises and observation of small veins, which is hard to do at first.

During testing, it was found that the glasses could be used for the color blind, so that improved their perception of the colors red and green. The glasses have filters designed with Oxy-Iso technology, according to Changizi filters that “exalt allow exactly the areas in which the red and green color blind are poor”. Despite this breakthrough for the color blind, some difficulties have emerged: the lenses decrease your ability to see the blue and yellow colors, and shades.

The best proof of the invention: Ishihara charts in a colorblind neuroscience

Creating Changizi was experienced firsthand by Dr. Daniel Bor, a colorblind neuroscience working in the Sackler Center for Knowledge at the University of Sussex, England. Bor said eyeglasses generate a very vibrant hue in reds and yellows suppresses smooth. In any event, Bor underwent the usual test on the defect diagnosed blindness: Ishihara charts.