Discover what it is and the great benefits derived from practicing this ancient discipline, beneficial to reduce stress and maintain wellness.

Take time for ourselves in the hectic day to day is becoming increasingly difficult, which usually leads to keeping the mind busy and no spaces for relaxation and introspection. If possible set aside 10 minutes of our busy schedule would be ideal to practice some yoga.

For those who do not know or have heard very little about the subject, yoga is a discipline that can harmonize body and soul , through stretching exercises, coordinated with a slow breathing rate. Its origin is disputed, as there is a section of practitioners who argue that was developed in India, while another part supported by archaeological evidence indicates that began to be practiced over 5,000 years ago in the Himalayan mountains. Regardless of its origin, is now great benefits conferred by traditional medicine and holistic medicine.


Yoga for all

Beyond what many believe is a myth that says that we must have great physical prowess and resilience to achieve the realization of good practice of yoga, since in fact the correct execution of the postures is what really brings benefits. However, note that those who have some type of bone disease or neck problems or spine should be especially careful in practice, and it is recommended that they be supervised by an expert. Considering the above, we conclude that yoga can be practiced by children , adolescents, adults and seniors.

Benefits of Yoga

There are different types of yoga . Some are more relaxed, such as Hatha, and more dynamic, as is the case of Ashtanga. Whichever option you choose, the key benefits provided are:

1. Better control of their positions in general, sitting, walking, etc.
2. Will become more aware of how you breathe , which will greatly benefit your entire body, as a bad breath decreases the performance of all the organs of our body.
3. You will feel more optimistic. By putting your mind at ease further will appreciate the simplicity of things in life.
4. His powers of concentration increase, which will make it more efficient in all his tasks and how to analyze the problems faced daily.

Yoga offers a wide range of possibilities to choose according to our interest and ability. The point of yoga practice is that we can have fun and give us a personal space in which we enrich ourselves and our environment, thus achieving a better quality of life.