This year’s congress will be held from 15 to 16 June 2013 at the offices of German Bank AG, promenade Square 15 instead.

Also this year there will be an international conference for Complementary Oncology in Munich again. It is organized by the International School of Medicine (ISIM) in cooperation with the German Society of Oncology and will be held at the offices of German Bank by the promenade. For the third consecutive time here meet doctors from all over the world to discuss the latest results from the entire oncology and critical light.

This year there are 18 speakers from Germany, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Italy, the UK, USA and Latvia who let their colleagues to participate in some groundbreaking new therapies. Even if the cancer continues to everyday Therapy classics surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, continue to play a central role in numerous other promising approaches for successful cancer therapy will be presented today at this Congress.

New insights into tumor biology provide new treatment options

Almost all the innovations are based on the growing understanding of tumor biology: new active compounds can selectively intervene in the development of a tumor and its individual cells. Other substances are intended to enable the immune system in a position to can no longer be taken by surprise by tumor cells. “The goal of these approaches is always to control the cancer, if he does not actually prevent or cure,” said Dr. Friedrich Douwes, specialist in internal medicine in Bad Aibling, President of the DGO and Congress Chairman. “We are fighting for a much longer lifetime and better quality of life for patients with advanced cancer!”


Nicholas J. Gonzalez, MD, from New York lecture in Munich

Eagerly awaited among others, the lecture by Nicholas J. Gonzalez, MD from New York. The physician and author of the book “One man alone” has managed to deal with the help of pancreatic enzymes patients with advanced cancer successfully. “I ask the Congress various patient cases before,” said Gonzalez in advance, “including a woman who for 22 years survived chemotherapy-resistant breast cancer Stage IV and three patients who suffered from pancreatic cancer and survived him more than ten years have. “Because pancreatic cancer is one of the most aggressive cancers and therefore has a poor prognosis, this treatment results of the American physician are more than remarkable.

Findings as to make known to the public by Dr. Gonzales, the German Society of Oncology’s goal is already over 30 years ago. “Still have to leave key areas such as preventive medicine, nutritional medicine, psychotherapy and especially naturopathic been little integration into the conventional oncology,” says founding member Dr. Douwes. As before, there is a concern of the DGO to create a synthesis of traditional medicine and complementary measures.

This holistic approach to medicine is also increasingly demanded more by the media and not least of the patient. Even well-known magazines such as the “mirror” have repeatedly pointed out that chemotherapy really helps only in a few cases. “Does not help poison broth” based on an article with the headline were the results of the Tumor Center Munich, which demonstrated that treatment with chemotherapy alone, the 5-year survival rates can not increase.