The First International Award for Cancer Research Foundation Ramiro Carregal-La Rosaleda recognize the work aimed at finding solutions to cancer.

The Rose Garden Foundation announces the I International Award for Cancer Research, Scientific and Technical Foundation Ramiro Carregal-The Rose Garden. This afternoon the businessman Ramiro Carregal, Frinsa President and President of the Foundation The Rose Garden, Gerardo Fernandez Albor, sealed the partnership that will launch this important initiative.


Cancer Research Award aims to recognize the work needed to tackle the enormous challenge of finding solutions to one of the great evils of mankind and reward the effort and scientific career in the area Cancer Research aa intended to generate, develop and / or apply new knowledge on biological and clinical cancer.

Researchers may be candidates for preclinical character (basic research aimed at obtaining knowledge with clinical application) and clinical (human research), to develop their activities in health research or public or private, anywhere in the world .

They may make the proposal of candidates public and private institutions, foundations, associations, professional associations, academia, and individuals whose activities have links to cancer research. Will be excluded from those applications submitted by those applying for the prize for themselves or for groups or organizations they represent.


Nominations may be submitted in Castilian, Galician and English, providing a summary of the reasons why the proposal and description of the activity for which the award is sought and the candidate’s information. Also include a statement of works or merits and relevant publications and any other documentation which may be of interest to know the activity of the candidate.

Finally, accompanied by a written statement that formally commits the candidate, should get the award in person to pick the place and date set. Other support may also be sent to the application and, in general, the relevant data and documents provide additional information.

Nominations may be submitted by certified mail in a sealed envelope with the reference “Cancer Research Award” at PO Box 50, Santiago de Compostela or postal address of the Foundation The Rose Garden (Santiago Leon of Caracas, 1 – 15701 Santiago of Compostela). Also may be delivered by hand from 9:00 to 21:00 h, in the same direction, or by sending email to documentation.

If sent by mail only considered those applications received until 23:59 h on February 27, 2012. The remaining applications have a deadline of February 28, 2012 at 14:00 . The award may also be provided directly by the Jury work, research teams or projects because of their importance, or relevance career in the field researcher believe are deserving of the award.

Jury and failure

The jury, whose honorary president is D. Ramiro Carregal shall consist of members from the scientific community, academic and research, appointed by the Board of Trustees. The Chief Executive will Dr. Rafael Lopez, Head of Medical Oncology University Hospital Complex of Santiago. The jury awarded the prize to free one of the candidates nominated by the entities referred to in these rules or to another proposed directly by him. Exception may be granted on a shared basis when the merits of the persons, entities or groups complement proposed clearly.


The prize can not be declared void and the jury’s decision is final and will be announced on March 1, 2012 through media and website The Rose Garden Foundation. You are also personally notify the winner. Non-winning work could become part of the next edition of the award if the jury so found. There will be one prize of 12,000 euros and certifying award. Delivery will take place in Santiago of Compostela on the date to be communicated in due course.