With the term inflammation is meant the mechanism that our body puts in place to defend against attacks by chemical, physical or biological. This type of problem can be locally or generalized level. In this guide we will try to understand what are the causes triggers of this painful process and what are the remedies to combat it.

Inflammation of a local nature, you also can easily understand from the term itself, is when the result of a wound, injury or any other injury. It speaks of inflammation when they are more interested in general organs. The ultimate goal of this process is to confine as much as possible, and then combat and eliminate all those factors that are the cause of the disease itself. At the same time it also establishes the process of reconstruction of the injured party. Beware though, the process of reconstruction has also negative aspects, it is because of very serious diseases such as sclerosis multiple, rheumatoid arthritis, the arteriole sclerosis. That’s why the appearance of the first symptoms of inflammation are administered painkillers, which are used to counteract the dangerous consequences only by increasing the benefits of inflammation itself.


The main symptoms of inflammation are usually local increase of heat in the painful area, this according to the fact that in this area there is greater vascularity, swelling or bruising occurs, soreness, compression of the injured party . Then there is the acute inflammation and chronic. The acute has a relatively short duration which can begin a few minutes and end after a few days. Whereas we speak of chronic inflammation when its duration persists for a long time and sometimes last for several months.

Let us now see what are the remedies against inflammation in the first place should be pointed out that the inflammation is not considered a disease, but rather a completely normal response of our body to harmful stimuli. So in light of these facts do not make any sense to talk about therapy against inflammation, when the real enemy to fight is or are the underlying causes of this problem In some cases, however, with regard to the diseases listed in the previous step, not only is right cure but also indispensable becomes When speaking of remedies, in this case is meant all those factors which serve precisely to combat the root of the disease itself, and then as in the case of a headache it is necessary to take an aspirin, as in the case of a lesion will become important to counteract the pain by applying the ice .