Sleep covers a third of our lives, what happens to our brain and our body becomes an adventure.

Understand what is the dream, as recorded in the brain and the body processes it can be a fun and interesting task for the complexity involved in this process, more so when we stop to think that a third of our life takes place in state wakefulness. The strategy of the brain and the body’s reaction to various stimuli attract attention of a large number of people, however, other aspects to consider.

There are issues that generate intrigue so vague that can result in spite of the knowledge we have about them, such is the case of the unconscious and its Confucian during sleep. We also find possible impediments to a successful rest, sleep disorders. We begin to understand that the dream has five stages which are repeated every 90 minutes and turn form a cycle that begins with a light sleeper to reach the deeper phase in which our bodies lose all ability to move and where dreams are manifested. In the process many parts of our brain are involved to issue a series of bodily reactions. Thus, our senses may be so stimulated to perceive images, smells, textures as if we were awake.


The dream of Freud And when he woke up

For the psychoanalyst was sad to know that there is a part indomitable man: the mind. He discovered that memories buried in the subconscious emotional repression, are released into consciousness through the window of dreams. Hence it is awarded if the dreams are in an implicit message, all that appears is not literal because it has a strong symbolic meaning, which is why we speak of a Interpretation of Dreams.

But all these implicit messages pursuing the same order as Sigmund. The fundamental reason lies in the desires and satisfaction in the dream which can lead to a sense of dreams: self-knowledge. Some people go even further and think there is a loosening of the etheric during sleep and according to our level of consciousness, we can remember certain things at the end of the “trance” and you can even come to perceive the physical body asleep or interact consciously with the dream world, some call it: astral travel. But do not confuse an experience with a simple hallucination.

On a bad dream, nightmares

So intense and almost real, the feelings of tachycardia, fear, anxiety, sweating hug us and we snatch a pleasant rest. A nightmare does lead to deception to mind during the stage REM sleep, the deepest.
And it does not matter if we experience a situation of violence such as assault, unusual as it dropped from the top or so absurd as to be with fictional beings saw in a movie and with which we are at risk, our brain interprets it as real.

Children are vulnerable to these scams, but adults are not spared, as though to a lesser extent also experience nightmares and women are most susceptible. Often the cause is a hearty dinner, or breathing disorders of sleep and as a reflection of everyday life in the subconscious, that is, for a period of stress, unresolved or traumatic event.

The black dot Sleep: Disorders

* Snoring

Sleeping next to someone is not always fun, especially when it comes to sleep and your bed partner makes strange noises and wake up or throw it does not solve the problem if it is a blockage in the airways and not a bad position, if so, the visit to the doctor may take longer. It may seem a minor problem but it can actually be very uncomfortable even for people who snore.

* Beyond the dream , nothing

The insomnia need a whole separate treaty, since it is a problem that can exasperate the sufferer, because despite efforts by sleep, it becomes almost impossible. To do this, if necessary, must go to a doctor, especially when it is a recurring problem, as the body suffers from lack of sleep. another alteration that causes the degradation of the physical and mental is narcolepsy and even sleep pathological.

Did you know?

* Dreams are so ephemeral that when you open your eyes experienced everything is forgotten. Enough 10 minutes after waking and getting up to 90% lost the memory of your dreams. To remind you taking notes.
* Only people dream we have seen at least once in their life, since the brain in this state does not have the ability to invent.
* You can have four to seven dreams per night for a period of one to two hours.
* The brain also has the ability to take what happens in reality, such a noise and manifest the dream.
* Even in this, men and women are different. Men tend to dream more with men and have violent dreams. Women dream of people of both sexes.
* While not snore dream and vice versa.