By intestinal flora is defined the set of bacteria that live in the intestine and contrary to what may think without knowing is necessary for the proper functioning of it. We can all quickly associate bacteria with diseases but most of those that inhabit the human digestive system are beneficial. To give an idea, it is estimated that within the human body there are about two thousand species of bacteria of which only about 1000 can be harmful or harmful.

intestinal flora

Those make up the intestinal flora contribute to its fulfillment of its three main functions, which are to protect the digestive system and the rest of the body from this to metabolize everything that is eaten and to contribute to growth and development of some organs given their tropic capacity. How to improve our intestinal flora is at least useful and necessary. In that sense, we share several practical tips that help not only care for the intestinal flora but also maintain a general digestive well-being.

Consume vegetables and foods high in fiber

To improve the intestinal flora is to consume daily vegetables, fresh vegetables and fruits, if it is in better shell. These foods are rich in fiber an essential nutrient for the proper functioning of the digestive system and the prevention of most of the evils associated with it. The frequent intake of whole grains is also very useful. Also drinking daily fermented milks with bacteria can help the best performance of the intestinal flora. Thus, if there is a natural lack of microorganisms in the flora by taking milk yogurts we will be contributing to the required harmony.

Preference for soft cooking

Soft cooking such as steam and oven can create healthier dishes than other cooking, as they make the food retain most of its properties and fully benefit the digestive system and intestinal flora. On the contrary, the excessive consumption of other preparations based on the use of fats, sauces, spices and other condiments, may favor constipation and other digestive evils, which may destabilize our microscopic friends.

Eat at recommended quantities and frequencies

To help the intestinal flora do its job properly it is necessary that we eat properly. This means that we must not only prioritize healthy foods, but that the intakes have to do in a fractional way and in logical frequencies, so that big binges must be out of our routine. The flora microorganisms are good at what they do but to meet they need their time and a volume of food and nutrients according to the general characteristics of each body.

Do not hold out for a long time the urge to defecate

Enduring for long periods the desire to defecate can compensated the functioning of our intestinal flora. The most advisable is to go to the toilet when the urge comes and take us for the deposition as long as necessary no hassles and preferably in a relaxed atmosphere. If we do this, we will have health that is more digestive and contribute to the prevention of more frequent evils such as constipation for example.