Normally, when you turn 35, the person usually enters a world full of routines family work and has very little time for exercise and outdoor activities. In addition, at this age the body begins to weaken, which causes physical condition begins to deteriorate. To prevent deterioration is fast it is very important to do physical exercise through which you can feel good and above all you can maintain a healthy body for many years.

importance of exercising

Benefits of exercising after age 35

You can improve your quality of life. Not only can you have better physical health. It has also been shown that you can have better psychic health. If you want to find yourself well we invite you to exercise regularly which you will thank. You can avoid cluttering too in order to keep your ideal weight. Usually, people over 35 tend to take weight. If you exercise regularly, you will not suffer from this problem.

With exercise, you can have a good blood pressure. This means that you can have good inner health and you can reduce the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases in the future. It has been shown that people who exercise or training in adulthood have a higher self-esteem. By having a better self-image, people tend to suffer less stress and especially fewer depressions.

With a good exercise routine you will get reduce levels of bad cholesterol and will increase the numbers of good cholesterol in the body. Cholesterol usually has a greater presence in people older than 35 to 40 years. If this is your case, it is important that you check it at least a couple of times a year. Finally, through exercise you can relax better and have better reflexes in the day. Exercise will allow you to sleep more hours prevent you from suffering from insomnia and increase your stamina.

Start exercising at age 35

Doing sport at age 35 is not the same as doing sports at age 15. A personal trainer will help you when you exercise according to your physical needs. Not everyone should perform the same type of exercise, hence we recommend you to this type of professionals. Before doing anything, it is important to get a medical examination. The recognition will show you if you are in good health or if you cannot perform some type of exercise. The important thing should always be your health and later the physical exercise.

To enjoy the sport and practice it properly it is very important to count on the right kit for the sport you want to practice a personal trainer can help you choose appropriately. For example, when running it is important that you have adequate clothing and good shoes. So you can run without any problems and this type of sport will not harm your health. It is very important to make a good diet and above all be well hydrated. Without these two things, your health will not improve when it comes to sports but quite the opposite.

When starting to play sports you should not squeeze yourself to the max. It is very important to be increasing physical exercise gradually. Your body will become accustomed to it and will not suffer. If you bet on training without being prepared it is likely that your health will be harmed.

Every day, before starting to do the exercise you should warm up your muscles. This will prevent you from suffering muscle injuries. It is important to warm all the muscles but above all you must warm up the muscles with which you go to work when doing the sport or training. Finally, once the physical activity is over you should re-stretch your muscles in a proper way.