Hygiene is a bigger and bigger. Especially the advertising would have us believe the consumers that certain products are indispensable.

Hygiene at home is essential. Does the consumer advertising, it seems to be nearly impossible to survive without certain products. More and more products appear on the market and a better and safer than the other. How much of it is really necessary? Is it also entirely without care products? Fact seems to be that people are increasingly vulnerable. Natural defenses seem to have no chance to build and protect the people.

Babies and young children sicken more

A look at racks of baby and toddler products is a growing range of personal care products, but also to specific foods. Fewer mothers rely on themselves to give their child the things to which it needs. But it is not only the trust that is missing. Increasingly, lack knowledge about how a baby or small child is properly fed and can be maintained. Breast-feeding of babies is supposed to protect the mother’s breast less and less. Prepare baby and toddler food self control only a very few. Personal hygiene is also placed in the hands of the manufacturers. The handle on the shelf is more convenient and provides comfort to the child to do only good. However, this starts a cycle that reinforces this view, but is not always correct. Babies and young children suffer more frequently from infections and skin diseases, because their bodies have no chance from the start more necessary defenses to build up.


Fast food counter fare

School children and adults barely know the lunch box with healthy content. Good sandwiches, fruit and raw vegetables are rarely stand a chance against fast food. It is easier and faster to get something during the break from corresponding stores, as a matter of preparing something. Healthier it is rather rare. Apart from the most questionable ingredients purchased finished products and the hygiene conditions of production is not always the way it should be. Inspections by food inspectors give some hair-raising results. Gastro intestinal diseases that follow the consumption will be like as described in circulation viral infections. Because exposure to germs usually not serious and thus enters into the lethal range, the symptoms often disappear after a day or two and seem to confirm the infection. The more germs get into the body, the more defenses are weakened, because the disease is not recognized and therefore not treated correctly.

Cleaning and hygiene products, provide security,

The grandmothers were still scouring powder with vinegar and water, are present in all the arsenals of household cleaning products. For each area of budget there are special agents. Mainly products for disinfection are on the rise. The advertising industry suggests to consumers that it does not go without. Whether for washing or cleaning, everything should be clean and sterile as possible down to the pores. Germs and bacteria you are no longer able to reside in the household. With this operation, however, also kills bacteria that are needed by the human body. Naturally in the body are bacteria that are essential for health. They regulate, among other things, the use of vitamins and nutrients. With personal hygiene, it can be done quickly to remove healthy bacteria. This is common in the skin and genital organs of the case. If the disturbed nature of existing protective layer, it can lead to rashes and infections.

Despite ill health?

Excessive hygiene can cause illness. But even with a normal cleanliness, as they should prevail in every household, there are situations in which no thought of hygiene or cleanliness. If, for example, after hours of absence of home and has an urgent human need, it will hardly take the time to take off your shoes. With the shoes are left at a time like all sorts of bacteria on the floor. No one is thinking right then to clean the floors. Toddlers, infants or barefoot runners are exactly these bacteria have later in their skin. No one washes his hands every time when he picks up the phone and just as no one can wash our hands every time when he has shaken hands with another person. Who has not destroyed by excessive hygiene, the protective layer of his skin, will have no trouble, unlike people with an exaggerated need for hygiene .