All athletes know this universal rule to warm the muscles before a game. How is successful and what is its function.

When starting any type of exercise, the muscles work better if they are more irrigated and body flexible. We note this warm concern in the soccer fields in the courts before a competitive match or even in any place where they concentrate athletes and people who are committed to exercise as an improvement to your health.

What does warm the muscles?

When one speaks of “warm up” a muscle, it is referring to raise your contribution of blood while keeping it elongated. Muscles are highly perfused organs, meaning they get significantly blood supply. Of all the body’s blood, a lot is stored in muscles. Is through blood receiving nutrients for metabolism, and also eliminates a waste of exercise that is lactic acid . In addition, with each muscle contraction, venous blood is squeezed favoring that returns to the heart.


What if the muscle does not get warm?

Pain and muscle fatigue: appear shortly begin the activity, when the resistance should be higher.
Cramps: contractions are maintained over time, involuntary and painful.
Distensions or Tears : Are injuries within the muscle in which a broken fiber or more. While healing, never do with new muscle.
Muscle infarction: a heart attack is just the lack of blood in a muscle, either the heart or any other.

How to properly warm

* Have a few minutes before the game or the sport to preheat. Many times we rush and by the desire to enter the field soon do cold favoring the emergence of future injuries.
* While all sports are required body parts, whole body exercise does, and everything should be preheated.
* To begin, a gentle walk, but energetic activate leg muscles. If both arms move in circles and overhead will be added too.
* Slowly rotating the neck to one side and the other the same number of times for each side.
* Rotate your ankles, bend your knees, hips open. Depending on what physical activity ahead, you can select exactly which muscle group is the most suitable for intensive heating.
* Staying hydrated, but small sips. Drinking too much fluid at once will make the blood go to the stomach instead of the loco-motor system.

Do you have to stretch before a game?

Elongation is essential after physical activity. Do it before without intensive heating relaxes muscles and not them ready for the sport in question, on the contrary, can produce injuries. However, if the heating has been successful and feel tense muscles, elongarlos helps keep a little flexible and we had seen that if the body is flexible, works best. Paying attention to these rules can hold us from pain and tears in the muscles. All it takes is perseverance and a few minutes prior to activity.