As can be important the use of dental floss for the hygiene of our mouth? According to a clinical study, it is the most effective weapon against plaque bacteria in our possession. The regular use of dental floss, allows us to remove any residual food that can remain between the teeth, causing the onset of bacteria, but what counts most is to use it in the correct way. Let us see some tips on how to use dental floss.


Many people do not make use of this important tool, as they are convinced that the time taken for a correct operation is too high, compared to the normal washing of the teeth. For all these people you could say that it is not necessary to use the wire every day, just two or three times a week to find a significant improvement. One very important thing is to look for the thread to measure, or what best suits our needs. In the market you can find many kinds of these threads: waxed ones are best in absolute as they have a greater fluidity between the teeth, they can also go much more smoothly if our dental arch was very united. The dental tapes: are wider wires, and make it more useful if they were spaced teeth, or bridges were present in our mouth. Flavoured: it is common floss but are covered with a substance that can freshen our breath. However, if we have any doubts we may always seek advice from our trusted dentist that will surely be able to advise at best.

Let us now see how to properly use dental floss. Take about 20 inches of thread using the appropriate accessory that sits directly on the package of dental floss. Now wrap the thread around the majority of our middle finger, it is irrelevant whether the right or left what matters most is that we would be free to carry out the job in an easy way. The rest of the thread instead, wrap it around the middle finger of the opposite hand, remember that this will be the finger around which to wrap the thread as they will be used. We now live wire, placing it between the index fingers and thumbs of each hand, leaving about two inches of space between the two fingers.

Let’s start cleaning our teeth starting from the front, put the wire between the tooth and the tooth, let’s scroll the gum with a slow zig zag. When we reach the gum, let’s do a little curve to the wire by putting further strain, scrape now first one way then the other teeth, raise the thread and let us another tooth. Continue in this manner for all the teeth as well as those of the upper and those of the lower.

Once we finished the operation with dental floss, we should not do is complete the cleaning of our mouth using toothbrush and toothpaste. We should take care to pass on all the teeth by removing the last remnants of the plate yet. We complete the whole, with a rinse with the mouthwash and fresh water. Keep in mind that the floss can not at all be replaced with a toothpick, the fact that cleaning is carried out with the wire is much more thorough.