The nail infections, calls scientific term onychomycosis , occurs when a fungus infects one or more nails, giving rise to an event in which is formed a white or yellowish below the nail of the hand or the foot. If the infection is left untreated, it can progress by crumbling the nail on the sides and even causing pain states. Generally this type of problem is found in people who frequent hot and humid places, such as swimming pools, in which the fungus is the ideal environment to survive, and preferably attacks the toenails because the shoe creates the ideal microclimate to the proliferation of these microorganisms. In this guide, we’ll see then how to treat this type of infection quickly and effectively.

The most common solutions for the treatment of onychomycosis consist in the application of a kind of enamel curative containing an active act to neutralize the fungus that caused the infection. This procedure will not have the immediate results, but you will need to apply the product every day to be able to stop the infection, taking care to cut the nail so that the diseased part can be completely eliminated. In severe cases, the best solution is to turn to the doctor of the family, who will prescribe an anti fungal orally, especially when we suffer from diabetes, or if the infection is particularly extensive and creates us very uncomfortable. Generally taking such drugs should continue for a period of between six and twelve weeks, although to verify the healing will take about 4 months, that is, the time required for a healthy nail grows back completely.


If the infection is not particularly serious we can use an ointment for topical use, to be applied, on the skin around the nail and above it. Usually this type of ointment contains urea, which helps speed up absorption. Only in severe cases your doctor will advise the surgery, which will completely remove the infected nail.

The best way to prevent this type of problem is to keep the nails short, dry and clean, drying your feet well after showering, use synthetic socks that make the foot breathe, avoiding those instead of cotton and wool, which favor Sweating The use of flip-flops in public places such as swimming pools will protect us from further infections , as well as anti fungal spray a spray in the shoes will give us additional protection from this type of infection .