A little ‘at all happen to find themselves suddenly with swollen gums, with severe pain and discomfort while eating and are often bleeding. The causes can be many that can inflame the gums, especially if there are prosthetic dentures and bridges . This sometimes happens because some small residue of food remains hidden between the teeth, becoming rotten and infecting the entire gingival area . Here is a guide on how to treat inflammation of the gums.

When a disturbance happens to the gums , is resolved fairly quickly, making most of the rinse twice a day with mouthwash specific for this problem. However though, if your gums are swollen for a long time, action is needed to remedy definitely going to be a dentist to determine the cause and solve the problem permanently.


In 90% of cases these phenomena are called gingivitis. The treatment is based on the elimination of plaque in the mouth so that returns to its normal balance, and you get a gradually decongestant of inflammation which tends to decrease by recovering the gums their normal natural pink color and a proper blood circulation. To achieve this, you must go to the dentist to do a thorough cleaning of the teeth and gum pockets, removing tartar and plaque in excess. When you get home, you continue to treat the disease with possibly rinse with natural products such as boiling mint leaves with honey, and at the same time to soothe the inflammation from bacteria and antibiotics should be used to clean your teeth several times a day using toothpaste pharmaceuticals, which also contain a mild anesthetic and therefore important as an adjunct in the treatment.

In the presence of inflammation of gingival including nutrition plays an important role so you should decrease your intake of foods and drinks with lots of sugar, replacing them with food-based vitamins (such as fruits and vegetables) that not only help to protect the gums, but keep them healthy especially in a time when gingivitis occurs suddenly with swelling such as at night, ideal to be able to at least sit waiting to go the next day to the dentist, is to use a very effective ancient system or boil the leaves of lettuce and still warm apply on the painful, feeling relief immediately and reducing the swelling.