Cough is a disease in seemingly inoffensive, but if it is not treated properly can bring complications, especially in children.

Cough is a very common disease among people, which can be gained even in environment and manifest itself almost immediately from have been contracted. Children are colds with much more often than adults, reason by which any situation provided will do to start with that annoying cough. First colds that have the children when they are young are normal, heal themselves and helps to stimulate the immune system, however when they are larger, colds are a problem.

It is that there are approximately 200 kinds of colds, of which very few have a definite cure, since these viruses evolve constantly, develop immunity. Parents should be aware of any unusual symptoms, since sometimes cough occurs with some other things such as phlegm, lack of air, malaise, muscle aches or head.


Prevent colds

To strengthen the immune system and be less prone to colds, it is good to manage children with vitamin C, either tablets or using juices and foods such as orange (pure juice), lime, Tangerine, grapefruit, among others. Every day in fasting should consume either of these fruits, so will have lots of vitamin C, which will protect them from colds. You have to avoid that children swim very often in rain or bathing with very cold water, or they are exposed to cold air, either in the morning or night. When they have recently raised bed, you should not do to leave immediately, need to wait half an hour approximately and if it is cold, place them a coat.

Home remedies for cough

You can prepare syrup of coconut, majada tender coconut pulp, which should be cooked over low heat with honey. Take it every three hours. You can also marinate a red onion cut into pieces with sugar for several hours. The liquid that comes out of this mixture, should be consumed by spoonfuls or all at once.Sometimes children can drown at night since his nostrils are clogged. We recommend placing a bit of menthol around each nostril. This will help to uncover them.

Before going to sleep, the child should take a you lime with lemon, so you can soothe your throat, either by cough or phlegm dry. You have to be outstanding at a time that the child starts to cough, so you throw the phlegm, because we must not allow this to build up in your lungs. When the cough is dry, throat tends to become inflamed and irritated. You must prepare you Chamomile (not envelope but the plant) and add a few drops of lemon, so the swelling will go down and with her irritability.

Things that should not be

Do not administer any medication to the child; If a cough is already badly cured, you can develop complications such as asthma or breathing problems. It is necessary to consult a doctor to that of a more adequate diagnosis. In the case of children under the age of one year, it is strictly necessary to consult a physician, because neither natural remedies must be administered without authorization.

If the child begins to miss the air, not have to give anything take, or keep it lying down, needs to be done that it is incorporated, give small bumps on the back, making it throw the phlegm that has in her throat. If the choking is through the nose, should manage the menthol. Treating children cough is somewhat different in the case of adults, so what be careful and pay attention.