Inflammation is a very common and can occur for several reasons at any age. Basically it is a defense mechanism that, as a result of a physical injury, is set in motion in order to protect the injured part, in order eliminating the cellular damage and initiating the repair process. The inflammation of the knee, in particular, is a common disorder that can have various causes, such as diseases, sports, trauma, age. This articulation is in fact very delicate, and depending on the underlying causes pain is necessary to treat the knee using various therapies . As the cases are many and very different from each other, I’ll just write about some things that in general can be helpful to cure or relieve the pain of an inflamed knee.

The first trick that any doctor on earth will ask you to follow is that of ‘ absolute rest . Forget the shopping bags for quite a while ‘, because your knee will need to rest for several days. It should lie flat and avoid straining the injured party , if you do not want to worsen the situation. Lay the leg on a soft surface such as a pillow can provide a sense of relief. If you just can not help but go out, it is best to adopt the crutches, to avoid loading the knee excessive weight. In general, doctors recommend to wrap the limb or use of a true guardian. Rest is essential especially for those who make sport as continue to train in conditions of inflammation could further weaken the knee, creating a danger of getting the worst injuries.


Including the absolute necessity of observing a total rest, it is advisable to resort to some remedies. When inflammation of the knee is given by a trauma, particularly, it is appropriate to act immediately with the ICE . The ice packs, to be prepared simply by wrapping the ice in a towel, must be made ​​during the first 48/72 hours after the trauma (after them would not make much sense.) It is advisable to tie the wrap around the knee holding it in this position for about 10/15 minutes, repeating the process about every 3/4 hours. After a few days of rest, when the inflammation is quenched, you can instead begin to treat the knee with the warm compresses. The heat may in fact encourage the flow of blood to the tissues of the knee , releasing oxygen and nutrients essential for healing. In some cases, when pain persists, your doctor may want to undergo laser therapy , this method provides a rapid effect on pain, but it can be quite expensive depending on the number of sittings .