Even if you find yourself lying on the beach to enjoy the sun and the sea, nothing and no one can prevent you from practicing physical exercises to keep fit. Indeed to want to say right across the beach is just the best scenario for exercise. There are many activities that you can practice quietly on the beach and as you can see, continuing reading this guide, we will explore how to train with Gym without needing any equipment, especially if you do a little bit of patience on our part.

Let’s start by saying that the beach can be considered as a large gym that can provide everything you need to keep in shape while on vacation days. Everything you will need is one deck , a person who sits on it, a towel bath and of course the costume. Let sit on the deck to accommodate the person that will give you a hand to perform your exercises, his only job is to make sure that the deck will not topple over while performing the exercise. Place your towel in front of the deck and put above belly up. Then place the heels on the deck and contracting the muscles of the buttocks rise up until you reach the location’s parallel between your feet and your shoulders. Repeat the exercise 10 times. Stop by for a few minutes and start the round of exercises for another 10 times.


Now, however, sit with your back facing the sun, place your hands over the edge, bend your legs. Now push the seat near the sand but not touching it. Go back up. Repeat the exercise 10 times and stop for a few minutes. Repeat the exercise for another round of 10. Standing in front of the bed awake put your foot on top of it. Slowly down to the sand up to touch it with your left knee. Climb slowly putting pressure on the right heel, resume position. Repeat the exercise 10 times. Stop for a moment and start again with the opposite leg.

After you have performed these exercises definitely have what it takes to release muscular tension and cool, it’s just a nice swim Others may be indicated to perform the exercises on the beach, but do not forget that possible a great contribution to our form we are also guaranteed only doing the walk into the water. The simple movement that we do every day, or walking, if done in the water of the sea is much more valuable in terms of tone The reason lies in the fact that the water is 800 times denser then generating more friction helps keep our legs fit and fine tonic A rule of fundamental importance, the exercises should be practiced preferably in the cooler hours .