You who accepts the world of yoga want to perfection the lotus position , since it is one of the most representative and also important, in this discipline. It is a position that stimulates meditation, rest and regeneration of the body’s energy.
Of course, recruit and retain long this posture is not easy task for a beginner, it takes time and a bit of patience, so that can be maintained with ease and be able to extract the maximum benefit . We shall see, step by step, how to take this as a position in the best possible way.

in yoga

The yoga is a discipline of Indian origin who seeks the physical and mental health of the individual. The general principle is in taking specific positions, or postures, called asanas, which are connected to the Indian physiology , and which give the practitioner a concrete benefit mental and physical . With the lotus position , in Sanskrit Padmasana (Padma means “lotus “), the body relax, it assumes a position which prevents external noise from penetrating inside. It is thus stimulated the inner stability of making the change.

Take this position is quite simple but requires some attention to the joints of the knees and ankles. Before beginning a massage might be helpful, based on salted butter on these parts.

Sit on the floor, on a mat or in Dandasana. Keep your back straight, with your legs extended in front, arms at your sides; To relax the shoulder joint, the position where you are inspired and, after holding for a bit ‘breath, released off the air suddenly. Now you’re ready for the next step. 2. With your left hand, grab the right foot and bring it toward the left thigh. grab, with your right hand, your left foot and bring it on the right thigh. Last measure, in completion of posture , concerns the position of the hands. 3. Assuming the position more common, said Jana-Mudra, bring your right wrist on his right knee and left wrist on his left knee. The palms are facing up, while the index finger and thumb are touching, forming a small ring. The other three fingers should be stretched in the direction of the floor.

It has, in this way, assumed the lotus position in the proper order. You will discover, through yoga, some pleasant, for the benefit of your vital energy, blood circulation and, above all, of your concentration. Many benefits and only advice: avoid these practices if you suffer from knee problems.