The ears are the human auditory organ and allow not only to hear noises and voices, but also contribute decisively to our physical sense of balance . Unfortunately, in the company of each historical time and latitude of each ear are subject to attacks of many types and varied intensity . It is therefore of utmost importance to follow some tricks and habits, not only hygienic but also behavioral, in order to take care of your ears. In this guide we will see precisely how to take care of the ears .

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The regular cleaning of the ears should not completely remove the waxy secretion produced by glands in the outer ear canal: indeed, it has the function of protecting the delicate tissues of the ear from possible infections. It may happen, however, that this secretion become too thick and occludes the ear canal, leading to deafness and sense of congestion: we then have the so-called “cerumen plug”, which must be removed by the doctor with a jet of hot water introduced into the ear by means of a syringe.

Never try to remove earwax or other from the external ear canal with the help of a cotton swab or cotton wool wrapped on a stick: the risk of pushing the earwax and maybe even a few fragments of cotton deeper. The cotton buds serve only to gently clean the outer parts of the ear.

Taking care of the ears means above all protect the agent more aggressive for them: the noise. So when you listen to the music keep moderate volume, particularly headphones MP3 player that does not have to transmit loud music. Not only for the ears themselves, but also because they make you risk losing contact with the real dangers of the outside world.

Another critical time for your ears is water of the pool or sea. To some people’s ears, while swimming, ranging protected with caps suitable for the purpose. In the case of air travel, for a change of external pressure will feel like to plug your ears: in this case should be enough to swallow or eat a simple hard candy. If however the hassle you were to turn into pain, it is useful to consult a doctor to explore its causes. In fact, the intensely painful feeling is often indicative of a more serious problem.