If done correctly, taking care of a drunk person can help to avoid embarrassing situations and dangerous , as well as any arrests, in addition, remove the after-effects of a hangover is also useful to save your life. When you go out to a bar or nightclub drinking with his friends, it is necessary for a person to assume the role of “designated driver”, completely avoiding drinking. Although all have plans to take a bus or other public transportation, it is always good that someone remains sober to think logically and to act rationally if one should arise undesirable situation , such as whether someone in the group feels bad and needs immediate care .

Take away the car keys from the person who signs of drunkenness. Although this avoids an accident, is still breaking the law and can accumulate large fines and penalties if it is stopped by the police. Keep away from the bar or the disco if you feel that is drinking too much. A drunk person can cause damage or nuisance to other people and incurring heavy complaints. In this case, it is recommended to keep it away from the public to avoid these situations.


Accompany your drunk friend home with the car, or alternatively by taxi, train or bus . If you are unable to do this, call a family member or trusted friend who to pick him up. If you think your friend might be too drunk to take care of himself in his house, valued the idea of spending the night with him, especially if it is alone in the house. Administer water. Not only can this help him to let him spend the hangover , but it will hydrate your system preventing future hangovers . Drinking water is also extremely important if this person is ill, as vomiting can accelerate the dehydration in subjects drunk.

If vomiting occurs, provide pretzels, crackers or toast Starches can help solve the problems of the stomach as well as some types of soda, such as bitter, Sprite or 7UP tempted your friend to eat small bites of food and drink only small sips Gulping down food or drinks can cause further upset stomach Take your friend to lie down once he sobered Help them to remove shoes, belts, and other garment binding laying a water bottle and a couple of painkillers on hand in case of after-effects during the night.