How many of us like to take medication? Especially when the taste does not help us, we are even more difficult to swallow. Since when it comes to us adults, we can still make an effort to swallow the bitter medicine, but when we need to impart to children, it really becomes an epic. We tend to camouflager between the various foods or mash, if you treat pills. Obviously, we must be aware of the fact that many medications can not be crushed, because some pills are designed to be released slowly and in doing so, we will obtain the assumption of the drug in a single time . Other formulations require not crush or split. Please talk with your pharmacist before you try one of the following methods. Below are some tips to help you make a bitter medicine .


If we make sure that the drug can ‘be taken with food, it is possible to mitigate the bad taste of the medicine with a cup of jelly or honey. The sweet taste of the food will help to distract our palates from the unpleasant taste of the pill . If you can not or do not want to grind the drug, we try to put the pill in a piece of bread or peanut butter and swallow it whole. The bread and peanut butter will help your mouth to salivate so that it becomes easier pill to swallow. Another method is to make the drug with a glass of milk, but it will help to soften the bitter taste. We can also try a little ‘juice in his mouth before taking the drug. This should improve its taste. We need to be aware that some medications can not be taken with some fruit juices, such as grapefruit, therefore, in this case, we see absolutely i8l pharmacist before using this method.

If none of these experiments should results help, we can always ask our doctor if you can take another type of drug that has the same active ingredients , why a drug of a different brand, it probably does not taste the same. Similarly, we can refer to a drug in the form of a pill, in substitution of one liquid, such as a syrup or a sachet, as the medicine in liquid formula, there remains more its flavor in the mouth.

We can also opt for the classic, or holding the nose clogged, and then ingest the drug, since both the olfactory glands that taste buds work together, so that this will help to mask its unpleasant taste. We also try to ingest the pill or liquid holding it as far away as possible from the language, so that you do not taste it at 100%, after which, Moldavia teeth fast. In order to avoid the bad taste of the medicine, we should Swallowing as quickly as possible to avoid any efforts to vomit. If none of these ideas were to give us benefits, we must be brave and take note that your health is more important than the fact to satisfy our taste buds and take it without too much circled around.