Gluttony or excessive wanting to eat sweets is a purely psychological, not dictated by a real hunger, may in fact be a desire of fulfillment for the disappointments, or just because it has now become a habit. The desserts in fact, should never be removed from the diet, but must be eaten only in very limited or anniversaries. In my guide I will give you some tricks.

The desserts, even if they contain sugar and are not really suitable for diets, do not go in absolutely catkins removed completely from the diet. If your pantry and your fridge but they are overfilled you have to put everything away, or do foul by friends or relatives if you do not have the guts. Limited to only keep cookies for breakfast in the morning, preferably wholemeal or low calorie.

If your sweet tooth is triggered by the fact that maybe you had a sad moment (a row with the mother, with her ​​friend, with her ​​fiance) would be natural to you to satisfy this sense of emptiness, sadness with sweets.
Instead to do this but you have to try to shift your attention, maybe go out or take it out with some person or take a nice hot bath in order to think about anything else.


To curb your cravings for sweets can also start to eat fewer amounts but often, much like best with a little seasoning vegetables and fruits (such as prunes, apricots and pears ), in this way you will realize that your need, your desire to sugars will decrease, but not eating foods that make you fat.

Another good remedy to eliminate our body the urge to eat greedily of desserts is brushing your teeth, in fact, after this operation will turn off the craving for sugar and sweets. Make a nice walk, to your return home you will see that the mind will be distracted and you will not have a great desire more.