Every now and then we feel sad and out of place, nothing that surrounds us affects in particular our interest and every gesture, even the most easy-to-do can become an impossible task. These days we are suffering from “melancholy”, then let’s see some tips on How To Stop Being Depressed.

Before we get into the actual guide, we take a look at the meaning of the word melancholy . When a person is called melancholy, it must not be confused with a rather affected by melancholy. Although the two terms can at first glance look similar, their meaning is totally different from each other. A melancholic person is the one who spends time regretting what you never had, or that for some reason he lost. The problem with this behavior could be that while we deal with the past no one really thinks at present and therefore the future.


The melancholy is the natural way to express certain emotional distress. Not all people are able to react to dismiss this symptom, fight and learn to move forward. If we are part of this category of people then we need some strategies be put in place so you can smile again. The first of these is staring goals. When we are very sad, we could take a pen and paper and begin to write on the paper what are the changes, of course positive, we would like to make in our lives. Being a dark moment, we should focus on goals easy to achieve, such as the hairdresser and bring us to completely change our look . Each time a goal that we have set ourselves is reach, we can splurge a little symbolic prize.

Aim lot about the quality of our sleep, trying to rest at best. If in this last period we had problems to fall asleep, we may change our habits such as not to fall asleep with the television on in order to feel in good company. In fact, this mode does nothing but cause the brain to continue to stay active even when we try to fall asleep. Before going to bed we take a hot bath, essential oil added to the water where we were able to relax such as a few drops of lavender. We could read a book quiet, and at the same time enjoy a nightcap. It is well known that a good psycho-physical balance is closely related to the quality of our sleep.

Make exercise is certainly a very effective way to combat the gloom. If for reasons of management not we can go at a gym, we could always do a little bit of movement by performing some basic yoga exercise directly at our house, or bring us to do a walk possibly inside a green area like a park or a garden.