If you notice that the growth of your hair is very slow, know that there are many easy to follow methods to stimulate the re-growth of your natural hair . Obviously besides these tricks you’ll also want to wait for the right time to give way to your hair to fortify and grow healthily. One must also take into account some small attentions that can help you solve the problem easily and fast. In this guide I will try, therefore, to help you understand how to stimulate hair regrowth , just by following some useful advice.

hair regrowth

The first trick to follow is to radically change the way you brush your hair. For this you just need to carefully observe the girls that you wash the hair from your trusted hairdresser. See how the massage on the hair to be long and energetic and done only with the help of the fingertips. Many people mistakenly think that scratching with fingernails the scalp makes your hair cleaner; nothing more wrong! If irritated scalp, you may also run into problems such as dandruff or unpleasant irritation that further weaken your hair. Even the stage of combing can be corrected: it is important to take advantage of the fact the time of mask or entangling conditioner loosen the knots more obnoxious. Finally you have to start from the tips, then moved on lengths, so as not to ruin and break the hair.

The hair growth can be stimulated by fortifying the hair and cutting split ends. In addition to these methods must also try to expose your hair as little as possible heat sources. In this case, phone and plate quickly ruin the hair. Remember also not made ​​even more of 3 washes per week. Often it can help not only the hair but especially the scalp. The use also of products with ingredients of natural and do not contain silicones and parabens. They appear in the short term make our hair shiny and strong, but when washed the ruin by turning off the shine.

Far grow the hair is important to avoid large losses, caused mostly by aggressive treatments. Dyes, permanent or techniques that require the application of chemicals on the scalp are all very treatments that weaken your hair. The hair loss can also be caused by the use of wrong equipment or the use of common brushes. In this regard I recommend you replace them with wooden combs with wide teeth , which are more sensitive towards the hair. Finally, try to avoid even the rubber bands or clips with metal parts that are most harmful and very aggressive.