When it comes to dieting and line, often thought to a topic of interest mainly women , but the desire to lose weight and achieve a good physical shape , both for aesthetic reasons and for both the health , also belongs instead to the male world , as the man likes to take care of your body: the abdomen is often a place of accumulation of fat in many cases focuses on the hips, creating the so-called ‘ love handles’, blemish for many annoying and not easy to eliminate . the next few steps you will find some useful suggestions , although of course you should always consult your doctor or nutritionist.


And ‘wrong to believe that a diet formulated for a woman to be true even for a man, in fact, in this field there are no rules the same for everyone but they should always fit every single person and their state of health , also taking into account the style of life which it undertakes. In males, they need to take more calories than females, the critical point is represented by the waist and belly and hips so interested, but to eliminate excessive fat in these areas must eat fewer carbohydrates. The diet should be rich men of proteins, which are found especially in fish and white meat, also the recommendation to hire at least five daily servings of fruits and vegetables never fails. A breakfast with yogurt and cereal or wholemeal biscuits will be ideal to start the day and should never be forgotten a small snack (with fruit or candy low-calorie) mid-morning and mid-afternoon: keeps the metabolism and reduces your appetite at meals main.

It must also pay close attention to what you drink: Men, unlike women, usually consume greater quantities of beer and various spirits, but you have to calculate that a 33 cl beer contains about 150 calories, while a glass we find wine and spirits around 120 calorie content is higher. Even soft drinks are sweetened caloric obviously, so if you intend to lose weight men in their point-to-life keeping it lean, should avoid drinks mentioned previously, replacing them instead with excellent blended fruit.

The choice to follow a balanced diet and proper, is certainly a very important step, but with the right diet, to try to stay healthy and get good results in the physical appearance, it is always useful to practice a regular and constant physical activity , insisting especially on the muscles Increasing abdominal muscles is a great way to change your metabolism el ‘ aerobic exercise is the best way to melt fat and excess pounds. It’s Very important then treat their hydration and we know that water (at least a liter and a half per day) is the best liquid to remove the thirst and waste in the body.