Every change of season has dragged behind a long list of side effects that go to affect both our physical and psychic. Unfortunately in these times also sleep becomes a difficult enterprise and instead wake up beautiful refreshed and ready to face a working day, in our physical waking you feel tired and worn. We see then are some tips on how to sleep better with the change of season.

how to sleep better

A few simple rules, if followed consistently, can help us to regain our mental and physical balance. Let’s start with controlling the time when we have dinner. It is good practice not ever dine at a late hour, because the digestive process to be completed at best, requires some hours . For this reason it may be useful to set a precise timetable for evening meals, and possibly keep it stable over time. But it does not end here, in fact the changes must also be introduced on our table. During dinner, it is always good to consume light food such as fresh vegetables, meat and steamed fruit, leaving the various sauces and desserts prepared for another time of day . If we are coffee lovers, the advice is to not drink it just before going to bed, the caffeine in the drink can be a barrier between us and a good and healthy night’s sleep.

Even the bedroom plays a vital role for a good rest. The first rule is that inside the room, when going to bed, there is neither too hot, nor too cold. We can also use more blankets if you wish then, if overnight the weather is too hot, remove those that turn out to be more. Conversely, if we use a single deck, it may want to keep one on hand to use in case of need. If the room is the radiator, it may want to turn it off before going to bed, or lower temperature than the other rooms. It can also be useful to air the room a couple of hours before going to bed in order to remove dust and odors from the environment. We must not forget that even pillows and mattresses must be comfortable giving us the right relaxation.

Our brain continues to process information even when apparently seems to stand still, so it is necessary to turn off television and computer at least 30 minutes before going to bed, never fall asleep so with these two elements on. If we really want sleep we can always read a book or magazine. Finally we can add a few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow to relax the most of our nervous system.