The life of a person is dictated by precise rhythms, which have the task of regulating the best quality of our lives. Sometimes, however, these rhythms are interrupted, for different reasons, and we are forced to adapt to new ones. This also applies in the case in which we practice physical activity, and for any reason we are forced to stop. In this case, how to resume training after a long break? Let’s see how to do it.

If the long absence from training was due to an illness or an accident which forced us to inactivity, before shooting we consult our doctor , or at least the specialist who is treating us. After assessing our complete healing and state physical re-established, we could resume our physical activity, but certainly not with the same pace as before. The recovery should be slow and gradual, so that the physical does not undergo further stress.


In the case frequency a gym, it would be appropriate to submit a medical certificate attesting to your healing instructor , so that you can adjust on the exercises that you are allowed to do, and together they study a work plan is based on your current physical and of the past. If instead you were self-taught, so you carry out your physical activity at home, you could start with implementing stretching exercises , but these gradually. Keep in mind that the body is completely out of practice to not respond as before, you just have to have the patience to wait for everything to return to normal .

Before you start to do exercise, you could burn a small work, writing on a sheet of exercises and times This little trick will help you plan from time to time. Get used to ‘idea of having to meet very specific rules from which you can not in any way detach The first rule to observe is that you do not have to think of all the lost time to time, indeed, you have to proceed with the utmost caution, having the utmost respect of your physical workouts should not be done every day, but one day and one not, this is to ensure that your muscles have time to rest this life must also be very gradual, starting with a few minutes at most 10 , at least for the first week , increasing to 5 minutes as they continued and that you understand that your physique begins to respond well to this point you can start to introduce some exercise a little more complicated, it will be a way to test if you are really ready Caution , stop at the first sign of pain.