The mucus in the throat is definitely a problem quite unpleasant, especially when we are in front of other people, causing us great inconvenience. This problem, could be triggered either by an allergic state, both by a factor influenza. In the market you can find different products, of course most of these are prepared by use of chemicals, but for all those who love the natural remedies rather then here is some advice on how to clear mucus from the throat.

The first important thing to do is definitely the one to blow his nose with extreme regularity, even when you do not feel an immediate need. It is vital to keep the nasal passages clean and evictions. Another remedy, which can also be used as a preventative, at the first symptoms of a cold or flu would be to take a glass of water, preferably warm, let us dissolve within a tablespoon of salt, and gargle during the day. In this way, both to help prevent the formation of excess mucus, is to dissolve it and then eject it in the case instead is already present. Never swallow the mixture prepared.


Let us now turn to another great remedy, always made ​​with the use of natural products. For its preparation we would need to procure a ginger root and honey, the most appropriate would be to chestnut. The methods of preparation are as follows: take the ginger and grate a little, now add a tablespoon of honey to the pulp, stir. Take this mixture two or three times during the day. If sometimes, for convenience, you could use ginger powder directly. The preparation is pretty much the same as that recommended for the fresh root.

To help the expulsion of mucus is very important to stop smoking during periods of cooling or flu, the smoke irritates substantially to the walls, already irritated nose and throat, so it helps to increase the production of mucus. In this period, or in the event of a severe cold or flu, you must also remove it completely from our diets all products manufactured with the use of milk. It is now established that, both the milk and its derivatives, are able to increase significantly the production of mucus, so it would be better to suspend the consumption of those foods, at least for a week, taking the situation under strict control, verifying whether or not there are improvements. All the fans of these products, they can resume the consumption of the various dairy products not just the problem of the mucus is now.