We would all like to have a dazzling smile but sometimes the achievement of this goal is hindered by the presence of spots on our teeth. They can appear for several reasons , but there are many existing remedies to counter them and eliminate them. Let’s look at some practical advice and useful to remove stains from teeth.

The dental stains are the imperfections present on the teeth that can arise constantly ingesting certain foods and drinks. Coffee, dark sodas , tea or foods that contain many dyes are not good for the enamel of our teeth and their intake may darken with the passage of time. If we become aware of some changes on our teeth you have to take timely action to ensure that you do not necessarily have to resort to the sessions of hygiene at your dentist you trust.


Stains can be removed from the teeth thanks to some natural remedies . They are mainly lemon, sage, water, fruits and vegetables. The lemon juice is able to counteract and eliminate with much ease the unsightly stains yellow. Thanks to its powerful whitening effect, can be used on the toothbrush as if it were a real toothpaste. The use must be sporadic because being acid is able to erode the enamel. If used once a month can really help to eliminate stains from teeth .

The sage is useful to give a good and healthy appearance to the teeth in the mouth to provide a fresh breath to whiten their teeth just take a leaf of fresh sage and rub on them. This is an action that you can repeat as many times as you want because it presents no risk to the enamel and allows you to give him a good look without spending anything.

Water is the most important element for our body and our life in general. The uses that it can be done are many and it is essential to know how to use it as a prevention and care of our teeth. Just gargle for 30 seconds after each meal to prevent dental stains and allow to natural remedies to act more quickly.

Fruits and vegetables help a lot in having a dazzling white smile . Apples, pears, strawberries, celery and carrots are very important. Coming into contact with the saliva, these foods cause reactions can eliminate the bacteria in our mouth. Among them there are also those that cause unsightly stains present on our teeth.

Using these natural remedies and taking the necessary precautions, such as not drinking the soda , you can eliminate and prevent stains on the teeth in a practical and easily without having to resort to the care of the dentist.