The gastritis , also called “heartburn” or “acid stomach”, is a common complaint for many people. The cause may be among the most varied: it could be the symptom of a disease such as an allergy, a response of the stomach to poor nutrition, might even have a psychological origin. Before proceeding to any remedy “DIY” to relieve heartburn is better to exclude the first two hypotheses, of course with the help of a doctor. Let us remember, however, that the burning is merely the symptoms of gastritis, a body’s response to physical and psychological stress .

symptoms of gastritis

A correct, balanced diet is the obvious basis to avoid incurring this problem, although in many cases not Carrie to eliminate all gastritis . There are some foods that promote heartburn , and reduce them is a first step to remedy this. Contrary to popular belief, the high-fiber foods are to be avoided in case of discomfort in the digestive system: it is advisable to eat only cooked vegetables and a moderate amount of fruit if tolerated. Favorite bananas and pears little acidic. Foods to avoid are fried foods, cured meats, l ‘alcohol, very fatty meats. It is highly recommended to avoid the whole coffee beans, the use of pepper and chili that indeed stimulates the production of gastric juices. For songstress the stomach is best to avoid foods and drinks hot or cold and, above all, eat slowly and chew quietly saliva and chewing are a key step of digestion. decide whether to investigate further these symptoms.

There are several natural remedies that help reduce heartburn. One of the most effective is the infusion of chamomile flowers : fresh ones (we can find them in herbal medicine), we use about 100 grams of whole flowers infused in a liter of boiling water. Let’s keep it for about 20 minutes. Let cool. Then consume the infusion, preferably distributing it throughout the morning. Another infusion can be obtained with similar process from seeds of fennel and lemon balm .

The starch of rice and potatoes is a good helper to turn off inflammation of the stomach and intestines. Simply boil 5/6 medium potatoes in a liter of water, strain the liquid obtained and then drink it when cold. Alternatively, a plate of white rice with a little Parmesan cheese is a great meal when you have a strong stomach acid .