The menopause is a physiological stage than in women marks the end of the fertile period. In this period the female reproductive tract undergoes functional changes very significant: the ovaries no longer produce hair follicles and stops the secretion of specific hormones. If the most obvious sign of the onset of menopause is the absence of monthly menstrual flow, this period of life is characterized by other implications that affect the physical sphere and mood. Let’s see how to relieve the manifestation of the symptoms that usually accompany the event in a more or less pronounced and in a completely subjective.

Around the age of fifty years in women appear the first alterations of the menstrual cycle: menstruation jumping round the monthly flows very close together or too frequent, short-term or abundant beyond the norm, or even amenorrhea that decrees the death total cycle. At the same time may impair the ability of concentration and memory, increase irritability and feelings of inadequacy due to a slight depression. Among the symptoms immediately, appearing in advance and subside in two to three years, there are hot flashes bearers of sudden temperature changes, the night sweats and redness on the face, neck and neck. Are also frequent sleep disturbances and the inability to fall asleep, the increase depended and the itching sensation. As a result of the hormonal changes of the hair and skin tend to dwindle and dry up, the skin loses collagen and is furrowed by wrinkles. Typically there is a net decrease in sexual desire and difficulty copulative act due to dryness of the mucosa with exposure to cystitis and urethritis. The most important and difficult to prevent in time are the joint and muscle pain, osteoporosis and increased cardiovascular risk.


To relieve the symptoms must firstly consider that menopause is not a disease but a natural event, due to an aging and living with awareness. With the changes in functional it must respond with a new lifestyle. From the clinical point of view it is advisable to perform periodic laboratory tests (once a year) that allow you to control certain organs: mammography, Pap tests, blood tests with hormone assay, bone mineral density computed (MOC), cardiology visits must appointments become customary. Hormone replacement therapy is to be followed only under strict medical supervision. From the perspective of behavioral eating habits should be followed with adequate preparation of light meals to power reduced calorie rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes and calcium.

To combat hot flashes is preferable to avoid alcoholic beverages and foods that are too fatty and spicy, especially in the evening and a good number of deep breaths helps to overcome the most critical moments, just as it does at the time of the birth pangs. In the bed linen is preferable to use natural fibers that enhance breathability, apparel is better to resort to leaders willing to layer be removed or added individually Persistent physical activity is a blessing, both because it helps the activity of thermoregulation of the body is because it improves the mood and the elasticity of the bones in good shape A body reacts better to changes of a sedentary body also abstaining from smoking and caffeine-rich drinks has many benefits, especially in regard of the cardie-vascular system.