A normal shot of cough can hide problems much more unpleasant. Among them, a cold, several problems to respiratory system, a form of allergy, a little fever. But how to relieve cough allergic? What are some possible remedies without having to use drugs at all costs? We discover how to practice these techniques to obtain a good result .

how to relieve cough

The medicine is still rather backward with regard to allergies. However, nowadays, it has failed to recognize and categorize many of these. At the same time, for every allergy recognized, there are lots yet to be studied in depth. Generally, these problems arise when the immune system comes into contact with the allergic agents, which correspond to trigger symptoms. Some forms of allergy are already known allergy to pollen, dust mites, animal fur, cosmetics, dust and more. When you present the allergy, they can appear different symptoms: nasal congestion, sneezing repeatedly, coughing and frequent little justifiable, swollen eyes and sore throat, headache, redness to the skin in various parts of the body. As you have to move to combat symptoms as bothersome and relieve cough allergic?

To alleviate the allergic cough , I recommend first of all to drink a cup of hot tea bela. Inside, Melt a couple of tablespoons of chestnut honey. We know that this kind of honey can counter the irritation to the respiratory tract and act as excellent soothing cough. In addition, the tea prevents dry throat and with honey can be a real boon to your health. Another system to relieve cough allergic consists in a particular preparation based on juice lemon and honey . The operation is not at all difficult, besides being very effective. You have to take two teaspoons of honey and place in a small bowl. At this point, few drops of lemon juice and mix well. This mix will serve whenever the cough becomes really insistent.

If you are a smoker, try to smoke a few cigarettes in less during the day. Smoking does nothing but worsen the cough, including allergic. If for various reasons you have to be in contact with people who smoke in enclosed, ventilated the room frequently. In this way, the air will change with ease and will remain more peroxide. Another remedy is to drink lots of water, especially in the moments in which the cough is more insistent. There are enough small sips, do not overdo it. You can also take many apples, able to defeat any type of cough , including that allergic. As the saying goes, an apple a day keeps the allergy back. And that is how you can relieve cough allergic with a few simple steps.