Often the congestion of the ears is a very intrusive nuisance that may depend on several factors, the sources are many and varied and always research the more immediate care to try to eliminate or at least alleviate. Usually colds or excessive accumulation of earwax can cause the onset of this hassle, so before you start a medication you should consult your family doctor.

WHAT IS A CONGESTION OF THE EARS : most of the time is represented by an obstruction of the ear canal and is triggered by multiple factors such as colds, allergies, or ear wax plugs. It’s not really pleasant to spend hours or days on end with this feeling of plugged ears, which is often also accompanied by a background noise similar to the noise that is created by placing a shell to your ear, and there were also cases in which a simple congestion was accompanied by intense pain and loss of hearing ability .


HOW, WHEN AND WHY DO: you will need to try to make a kind of self-understanding and in that time it appeared the problem (after getting off the plane, after a cold or allergy). If the onset is unexpected and also has severe pain, then my advice is to consult a doctor because it could be inflammation, but if it is related to a problem of atmospheric pressure, cooling or earwax read tips that follow.

TECHNICAL AND REMEDIES DO IT YOURSELF: to remove the air cavity created in the trial heard yawning, swallowing: try plugging your nose gently blow. If no improvement does not occur and the problem persists, then you have to go to step two: go to the pharmacy and buy a product for the removal of ear wax in depth, or assigned to a “home remedy” made ​​with vinegar alcohol by pouring it in the affected ear with a dropper.