The sore feet can be caused by a variety of problems, chronic or temporary. It ‘s normal but i feel tired and sore feet after a day on your feet or after long walks . Fortunately, once you get home there are several ways to treat the pain and fatigue that does not allow us to rest well at night. Here then are some tips on how to relax your tired feet.

The first thing to do is to soak your feet for about fifteen or twenty minutes in hot water (preferably boiling) water until it cools. The water must be added the peppermint, a filter of green tea extract and pine oil . After the step of soaking, drying and massaging the feet to restore the circulation. At this point the moisturizing treatment of the feet continues with the application of creams possibly natural.


As natural products, you should use the mint extract and pine oil with the addition of rosemary that, once prepared in a pan, to be rubbed in the palm of your hands and then beings applied as a cream long fingers, fingertips, above and below the soles of the feet. Also, press firmly the sole of the foot with both thumbs, stroking and squeezing the heel of the foot with both hands, using them as if they were pliers. The fingers are gently and alternately pushed upward to obtain an immediate sense of well-being. After the intervention based emollients, the foot should be placed on a hard surface and perfectly smooth to recover the natural posture to 90 degrees. There are some exercises that allow you to further relax the tired feet, such as the stretching that must be performed in the following way: take your feet (after comfortably seated) and bring them above the knees alternately pushing them as much as possible to the femur, taking the plant pressed, and massaging it for at least five minutes.

The operation must be done on both feet and only after this treatment fatigue, you may notice an immediate relaxation. After this phase, massage your feet with moisturizer with natural extracts or oils For tired feet, following these simple interventions are recommended cloth slippers with the foot completely flat to make the position more comfortable. If you have electronic instruments such as foot massages shaped or hot tubs for the feet, natural substances suitable for relax them are green tea and Shea butter good for soothing and softening properties.