Any woman can practice yoga is one of the best ways to tone your entire body and eliminate stress. Despite having been originated in India about 5000 years ago, is considered the perfect discipline to alleviate the problems of modern man, such as overwork, stress and lack of physical fitness. Practicing yoga is an excellent way to get away from everyday life and achieve inner harmony, keeping fit and there are no limits of age nor fitness. Here I’ll explain how to relax your body, in one lesson a week, you can improve your fitness by practicing yoga even for a few minutes. With any yoga posture must be focused, relax the muscles and control the breathing. Also, be gentle with your body when you practice yoga: your body knows what he is capable of doing and if he says he does not listen to him and stop insisting, yoga is not a competitive sport.


The 1st exercise covers the stretch starting on hands: sit on your lap with your back straight and your shoulders relaxed. Put your right hand behind your back, palm outward. Inhale and raise your left arm: exhale, lower your left arm and raises his right. Inhale and seeks to unite the tips of the fingers, exhale and hold the position. Repeat on the other side, keeping back and shoulders straight. This exercise serves to tone the arms, relieves tension in the neck and shoulders and improves breathing with benefits for the whole body.

The 2nd exercise is the location of Cobra: then lying prone, with his chin resting on the ground. Put your hands under your shoulders, with your elbows attached to the body: inhale and lift your torso until your shoulders and belly are detached from the floor, but stopped at the first sensation of pain. Keep your neck straight and relaxed and do not bend your back. Exhale and slowly lower your torso. If the previous move will be difficult, it is preferable to avoid doing so. Place your hand under your shoulders, fingers pointing inwards. Inhale and push up the bust to lift it off the ground, keeping your neck and shoulders relaxed. Exhale and come down. This exercise relieves back pain, strengthens the neck and wrists and improves posture.

The 3rd exercise is the location of the Tree: stares in front of you and stay straight with your feet together, buttocks and belly contracts. He puts his left foot on the inside of the right thigh, so that the knee is on the outside; balanced with the arms. Now inhale and bring both hands in front of the bust. Initially, it is normal sway, but usually improves with practice. Exhale, then inhale and slowly raise your arms above your head. Cross your fingers and stretched, breathing normally. Exhale slowly as you lower your arms and then his leg. The exercise is repeated on both sides. This exercise stimulates concentration, improves balance and posture, as well as strengthen the muscles of the legs.